What a Weekend!

17 Oct

Whew! What a weekend I just had. And the best part about it – I spent it all with friends and family.

Let’s start with Friday night. After a very long week at work, I went to Diana’s for dinner. Diana’s husband Lee was preparing to run his first marathon the next day, so we had to make a spectator plan and also make some signs. By the time the evening was over, we had made three big signs and mapped out a spectating route to see Lee 7 times during the race! Diana was nervous for her hubby, I was excited!

Saturday morning began with a 5:30 wake up call, which was a little brutal considering we weren’t getting up that early to run! Di and I packed up the signs and all our spectating goods and headed downtown. When we got there we were lucky enough to see Lee at the start and wish him luck. After watching him cross the finish line we headed to mile 3. Mile 8 was the next stop, then we ventured to Brookside to catch miles 13 and 18.

Super Spectators!

The last stop before the finish was mile 21. Lee was looking awesome and seemed to be in   really great spirits! Next stop – finish line. We had to wait for a bit, but then we saw him! He ran so well, finishing in under 3:30! Pretty good for your first marathon if you ask me!

Crossing in 3:39

Following the marathon I headed to the City Market for breakfast. My Aunt Holly was in town for a birthday party, and it was perfect timing that she was downtown just as I finished up! We did some floral arranging after breakfast, then spent some time admiring the beauty of Lake Tapawingo. It was such a perfect and beautiful day out there.

I felt like a florist

Lake Tapawingo

Aunt Holly's Fab Fur Flips

Sunday morning kicked off with a visit to Arthur Bryant’s BBQ for Uncle Greg’s birthday. The party was great and seeing my cousins was even better! Following the lunch, Stacy and I ventured to Lululemon to pick out our race outfits. After a very long time of deliberation, we picked our outfits for race day. Stacy got shorts and a T, I got a skirt and T. Best part about my skirt is the booty ruffle on the back! I am praying the weather stays as it says now so we can actually wear them.

The Outfit

The goal for this week will be sleep and relaxation. Which is where I am headed now. Watching the Kansas City marathon made me really excited for my race. I have a good feeling and even had a dream that I ran a 1:19 half. Might be a bit ambitious but a little optimism never hurt anyone.

Ta ta!

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