The Hay is in the Barn.

22 Oct

As my Dad likes to say before big races, “The hay is in the barn!”. I have put in the miles, done the speed work and prepared as best as possible. What is done is done, and I hope that every bit of it pays off in about 33 short hours.

I am nervous, but excited. I have good feelings, and I am staying very positive. We leave tomorrow morning at 7:30am, followed by a trip to the expo and a short 2 mile run to spice up our legs a big. Then dinner at an Italian place tomorrow evening for some last minute carbo loading. I plan to be snuggled in bed by 9pm 🙂

I expect this weekend to be full of fun! I cant wait to see how my running buddies do on Sunday! I have no doubts that they will be overjoyed with their results and the time on that clock when they cross the finish line. Sunday will be Diana’s first marathon and I cannot wait to see her cross that finish line with the pride that she just ran a marathon! I know she will do amazing. I am also so excited to see how Stacy does. She has been working so hard and deserves every last second of the PR I know she is going to run!

I am already excited for my post-race blog update sharing all the details of Sunday. Good luck to all the runners out there!! #RnRSTL



One Response to “The Hay is in the Barn.”

  1. Jocelyn October 23, 2011 at 11:33 pm #

    Can’t wait to read your recap!

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