It’s the Final Countdown

27 Nov

Well, it’s final countdown time before the Dallas White Rock Marathon. In 7 days, I will be able to call myself a marathon runner!

This week will be one of rest, relaxation and preparation. I will be doing everything I can to take care of myself and be properly prepared for the race. I will eat healthy and hydrate till I can’t possibly drink anymore water. I will also try my hardest not to wear heals to work to save my legs as much as I can!

This week will be one that is the complete opposite of last week. I certainly could have hydrated more and been healthier last week..however eating healthy and hydrating was quite difficult considering I was in Chicago and then celebrating the holiday in Louisville with family (my Aunt Holly is a VERY good cook and always has a fully stocked bar…).

I am still struggling with a sore calf muscle, but I am hopeful that rest will help and I will be healed by Sunday.

Any suggestions and encouragement are welcome throughout the week! There is a very good chance that I will have a case of the runners rambles, and you will be hearing a lot from me.

Wishing you all a happy week ahead 🙂



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