I am Happy and Excited!

30 Nov

Great news! I have turned my frown upside down since I wrote about being grumpy and nervous. I am now happy and very excited for this race!!

So what caused the sudden change in mood? Well, to be quite honest I am really not sure exactly what the game changer was. I just kind of snapped out of it (thank goodness)!

Glad I am feeling better...because this race is SO soon!

Tonight I went over to Stacy’s house for dinner. We analyzed the course and reviewed the pace bracelets with our different goal times. We made dinner plans for Saturday and started making a plan for race clothing. I also got to spend time tonight with Stacy’s son Caden, and he always puts a big smile on my face!

Along with dinner, Stacy also gave me a little pre-race treat. I LOVE it! Diana stopped by and brought me a treat too. I seriously have the best running buddies and friends ever! They are making such a big deal about my first marathon and I am soaking it all in. I cannot wait to use all my new goodies in Dallas (and beyond).

Cutest gifts ever! And there is much more in the bags!

Thank you to everyone that has been supporting me with this race. I appreciate all of the well wishes from my family, friends, fellow bloggers and twitter followers so very much. Not to sound greedy, but please keep them coming!

Talk soon!


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