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Marvelous Mondays – January 30th

30 Jan

Dun Dun Dun….it’s Monday my friends. And it is a new week ahead to look forward to.

Last week was not the happiest week ever, but this week MUST be better. I get very mad at myself when I don’t practice what I preach on staying positive. And last week I certainly did NOT practice my positive preaching.

This week, I WILL be positive. I WILL be happy, and I WILL be thankful. Got that? Ok, good. Now let’s get started and talk about the week ahead.

The Bachelor

Oh The Bachelor. You are the highlight of my week (is that sad?). I cannot wait to see what shennanigins you have in store for us tonight, and how drunk the women will get.

I also cannot wait to see if it is possible for the “model” Courtney to be a bigger B word.

“Oh, I was just there two months ago…”

“I can reach higher than everyone else”

And Courtney, please stop quoting Charlie Sheen by constantly saying “Winning!” Do you realize that by quoting Mr. Sheen in a serious manner, you are not in fact “winning”?

New Phone

I finally got a new iPhone!!! And I’m totally obsessed with her. She is white, and beautiful.

After 3 years, it was time for an upgrade. Welcome home sweetie!


I get to host a giveaway this week on the blog!!

If you follow my tweets, you might have an idea as to what I am giving away. I will tell you this, it is pretty dang fabulous!

I think that wraps up the week ahead. I know it will be a busy one, but that will hopefully mean it flies on by.

What are you looking forward to this week?


Arbonne Review

29 Jan

Good evening, friends!

Last week I wrote a blog post letting everyone know that I would be trying out the Arbonne Essentials line over the next 5 days.

After trying a ton of products, I have to say I was pretty dang impressed by all of them. Below is a full recap of the products I tried, and the thoughts I had on each of them. Enjoy!

Protein Shakes

Each morning, I would enjoy a protein shake on the drive to work. The pre-packaged shake mixes were great to blend up with some frozen fruit, water and chia seeds. They kept me full until lunch and tasted so good, it was like having dessert for breakfast!

The pre-made version of the protein shake was also great. It was very convenient and yummy!

The stats:
160 Calories
20 grams vegan protein
13 grams of carbs
2 grams of fiber
20 essential vitamins and minerals

Contains NO lactose, cholesterol or gluten
Contains NO Trans Fats

Daily Power Packs

Everyday at lunch, I would take a power pack.

The power pack included 5 different vitamins.Packed in these 5 vitamins were 20 essential vitamins and minerals. The women’s version also included extra calcium to keep our bones mighty strong!

Sometimes multivitamins can make me feel nauseous, but I did not ever feel this way after taking these.

I did continue to take my nightly vitamins (calcium, vitamin C and fish oil) during this regimen, and never felt a vitamin overload” from taking so many. I just felt super healthy!

Energy Fizz Tabs

I, like many others, struggle with and afternoon sweet tooth and hunger.I was hoping that these fizz tabs would help with that problem, and keep me from indulging in any junk laying around.

I received the fizz tabs in two flavors: Pomegranate and Citrus. Both flavors tasted great!

The fizz tabs for sure helped with my afternoon hunger and gave me an extra energy burst. They actually kind of reminded me of Nuun, but had a stronger flavor. These tabs tasted great, and were an awesome way to perk up your water. Plus they only had 10 calories per tab!

Fit Chews

The fit chews were another great way to handle my afternoon hunger and sweet tooth!

The chews were a tasty chocolate, and did taste like candy! It was no Kit Kat, but it was still pretty darn good!

The chews are supposed to suppress appetite, and increase metabolism. I am not sure if helped suppress my appetite, but I can say it was a tasty alternative to hitting the candy jar at work (my worst enemy).

Herbal Detox Tea

The herbal detox tea was my afternoon and evening “warm me up”.

I love having tea in the afternoon, and I was hoping that this tea would actually good. Well…it did. I am obsessed with it. And it is amazing.

The tea is supposed to help support body cleansing and liver and kidney health. I felt refreshed after drinking it, and I am already craving my next cup!

Final Thoughts

So…what did I think about the products and my week of Arbonne? Well…I LOVED it! I felt great while taking the products, and had amazing workouts all week. My energy levels were through the roof, and I looked forward to having the products everyday.

I cannot wait to get more of these products and continue to use them on a regular basis. Considering how amazing I felt after one week, I cant imagine what I would feel like after a month!

Want to try Arbonne too (and I really think you should)? Contact my friend Jessica that hooked me up with all this yummy goodness! You can contact Jessica via email:, on her website or on facebook! And be sure to tell her I sent you (maybe you can even get a deal on some stuff!).

Wishing you all a fabulous week ahead!



Fashion Fridays – Keepin’ Warm

27 Jan

Good morning, and Happy Friday to you!

As (I hope) you read yesterday, I featured my first guest blogger to speak about winter running essentials. Stacy is very educated when it comes to running clothes, and I knew she would be the perfect subject matter expert to write that post.

For this Fashion Friday, I would like to share two winter running essentials that I cannot live without.

Croquet Headband

I LOVE my red, yellow and green croquet headband. My boyfriend’s Grandmother got me this super cute headband for Christmas this year, and I cannot get enough of it. It is so warm, and also layers great on super cold days with other headbands underneath.

Self Portrait in the back yard.

It is the perfect head flair for a freezing cold winter run, and gets a ton of compliments when you break it out.

I apologize for not having a direct link so you can get one of these too..however I think you can get similar headbands on

The North Face Gaiter, aka “Turtle”

The next winter running essential that I cannot live without is my North Face neck protector. I know they are called Gaiters (according to the website, it is ‘Gaiter’ not ‘Gator’), but I like to call mine a turtle (I can sneak my head in and out, just like a turtle!).

This turtle is freaking amazing. It is SO warm and soft – I could easily sleep in it (which would actually save me a few minutes getting dressed in the morning). Anyone who will be running in the harsh cold winter winds needs this thing. I got it at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Go there right now, and buy one.

And when in doubt...throw on a boa.

I hope that after yesterdays post and this post today, you are all geared up for winter running. You have no excuses not to be out there pounding the payment.

I hope you have the best Friday ever, and a fantastic weekend ahead.



Winter Running Essentials – From an Expert {Guest Post}

26 Jan

The first guest post on Miles with Style is written by Stacy Scalfaro. Stacy is an avid runner, and has been for 18 years. She began with running 5k races, and has now completed every race up to a marathon. Stacy has finished 10 marathons through the years, and has qualified for Boston TWICE!

Stacy enjoys running for many reasons. She loves the journey involved in training for a marathon, time spent with girlfriends on 20 milers, and helping others to achieve their running goals.

Stacy has an immense amount of knowledge when it comes to cold weather running and training. After training for the 2009 Boston Marathon, she learned the importance of proper running attire, and is here to share these tips with all of you.



Hello Runners,

It’s January, the time of year where we are all eager to set new goals and get out the door to run.  But, at 5:00 am when the alarm goes off it’s so much easier to stay under the warm covers and say, “It’s too cold to run”.  Whether you just set your first running goal or have been running for years, I think we can all agree that there are plenty of excuses to stay inside when faced with a wind chill. So to eliminate one of those excuses, I am going to share with you some of my favorite winter running gear. Besides, who doesn’t need a cute new running item for a little extra motivation in the winter?

If you are anything like me when you roll out of bed on a frosty cold day, your first instinct is to pile on the clothes and grab the blanket off the bed on the way out the door.  The next thing you know, you realize you have dressed for a race in Alaska and may just be a tad bit warm.

My winter running gear tips will include some great layers that won’t bulk you up or slow you down.  After your warm up you will forget how cold it really is outside. Bring on the miles!


Keepin' 20 degrees!

For starters, you know it’s KEY to keep your CORE warm.

I like to start with a great base layer. Thumb holes add an extra layer of protection for your hands.  An easy favorite is this Nike top.

And then for that wind…the dreaded wind that takes a 30 degree day down to 20.  Top off your base layer with a jacket that blocks out the cold air.  Adidas and The North Face both make some great options.

If wind is not an issue, I have found another great jacket with no bulk that actually responds to your body temperature as you warm up – Sporthill Infuzion Half Zip.

SportHill Beanie and Pullover

If it’s a really brutal day out there (as seen in the photo above) you can combine the two and use the Sporthill as your base topped off with your jacket. And why not add the matching beanie to top off the outfit?


Warm muscles are going to respond so much better than cold ones, so be kind to your legs.  I know everyone does not want to wear tights, and I can go either way.

My favorite pants are the Northface TKA 100.  You can find these pants on sale at many sites. Zappos offers them in many sizes, and also in short/petite.

I love color

If you need an added layer, throw on long or capri tights underneath. And another cheap way to keep your calves warm is with a pair of tube socks.

You don’t have to spend $30 to add a layer.  Have some fun and save a buck so you can spend your money on the key items.


And finally, you have to have some kicks that are going to hold up in the rain, sleet and slush.

Pretty in Pink

I have to give some love to the new & improved Mizuno Wave Rider 15, and I love the dark color.  I ran the Dallas Marathon in the rain and these babies still look brand new.

*Check out the 90 day Perfect Fit guarantee from Road Runner Sports! It’s almost too good to be true, but it’s true.

Head & Hands

And like any great outfit, don’t forget to accessorize your HEAD and your HANDS. KEEP THEM WARM.

Thumb holes are awesome

Head, hands and CORE are KEY.  So, go cheap again and stock up on knit gloves at your local Target.  You can get three pairs for $2.00 and throw them away if your hands get too warm.

I have tried expensive gloves and haven’t found any that impress me beyond these cheap ones. However my running partners are big fans of Nike fleece gloves

The North Face TKA 100 & Nike Gloves

My headband depends on the temp. I think it’s really your preference.

On a milder day I would go with a light headband, possibly a fleece if it’s not a rainy/snowy day.

On those colder days check out the Sporthill beanie listed above. I like that it covers your ears. Pick something comfy and (of course) cute that suits you.

I hope these items will help you stay warm from head to toe! No excuses for you when that alarm goes off Monday morning.

Until next time,


*And don’t forget to share some of your favorite winter finds with the other readers of this blog!

Healthy Cookie Heaven

25 Jan

I LOVE cookies, and I wanted to take a quick moment to share with you all my favorite healthy cookie recipe.

This recipe is from celebrity chef (and my favorite Bravo-lebrity) Bethenny Frankel.


1 & 1/2 cups Oat Flour (I use wheat flour)
3/4 cup Rolled Oats
1/3 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

1/2 raw sugar (yeah..I just use regular)
1/3 cup chocolate chips (dark chips are fab)
1 teaspoon canola oil
1/3 cup soy milk
1/2 cup banana puree (I blend 1 large or 2 small bananas up in my GNC blender)
1 teaspoon vanilla

**If you’re adventurous, add some Chia seeds! This will give it an extra crunch and added nutrients!

What to do

  1. Preheat oven to 375
  2. Combine all wet ingredients, mix
  3. Combine all dry ingredients, mix
  4. Mix it all together until the batter is sticky (don’t panic – this recipe is relatively dry)
  5. Use tablespoon and scoop batter onto cookie sheet
  6. Bake 12 minutes, rotating the pan halfway through cooking (monitor cookies to ensure they do not over cook!)





This is Miles with Style

23 Jan

I recently received an opportunity to audition for a national online magazine publication. They wanted to know who I am, what my story is, and what interests my readers. This post is my audition to be a part of this publication, and to share my thoughts, opinions and views with many other people!

So who is Ali and what is all about? Well, keep reading and you will find out!

The Story, The Readers and The Posts

The fitness story behind is a short and sweet one. I have always enjoyed being active, and love the results I see from it. Whether those results include winning an age group in a race, being a happier person, or squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans, I love being active. And I also love the fitness fashion that comes along with it.

The readers of enjoy the positive messages, and relevant content posted on my blog. I understand that we all lead busy lives full of crazy commitments and time constraints. Some days you cannot invest an hour into a workout routine, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make better choices in other areas of your life. I love encouraging others, and helping them to realize that they can live an active and healthy life too. To me, a happy life is a balanced life.

The most popular posts on are those related to fitness fashion. My readers know the importance of workout attire that is both functional and fashionable. I am here to help them find these fashion gems. I believe that the right workout attire can make a difference in your workout routines, not only physically but also mentally. Whether you’re looking for clothes to wear in your marathon, or clothes to wear to boot camp class, you can find a review of the right product for you on this blog. I am a firm believer in the look good – feel good concept. I often listen to others talk about what they wish they had in a workout outfit, and strive to find it for them.

So why should you read my blog and listen to what I have to say? It is simple. I understand who you are as a reader of this blog, and what you are looking for. I know you enjoy relevant material that can be tied into your everyday life, conveying practical suggestions and positive communications. I also know that you recognize the role fitness fashion can play in your life. After all, this blog was not named Miles with Style for nothin’!

Please join me (or kindly continue to stay with me) on my blogging journey!


Marvelous Mondays – January 23rd

23 Jan

Wow, I cannot believe that it is Monday again, and time for another weekly post.

I will admit that I have been mighty grouchy today…so I am hoping that this post boosts my mood. Nothing serious going on, just letting things annoy me that I can usually brush off. I also think my ugly nail polish is bringing me down – it looked so pretty in the bottle!

So here we go…let’s see how I well I can write a marvelous post while feeling quite un-marvelous.

The Killer 1,000

This week at boot camp, we will be doing something called the Killer 1,000. I have NO clue what this workout entails, but apparently it is quite the killer. I am hydrating like a mo-fo to prepare for this thing, because the last thing I want is to crash due to inadequate hydration.


I created a board on my Pinterest that is titled “Things I’ve Tried”.

The point of this board is to give reviews on the Pinterst projects that I have actually tried. There are so many great ideas and recipes on Pinterst, but I wanted to share my views and opinions on them so others know if it’s worth doing as well! I think everyone should do this…

*You should follow me, then I can follow you!

Running Groove

My running groove is back, and that is making me happy!

My accountability partners and I are back on a schedule of meeting 3 times a week for a morning run. Our mileage has been averaging 5-6 miles per run, and pace hasn’t been discussed (which makes it relaxing!)

Being back with the girls starts my day off the right way. And also serves as a 3/week therapy session.

Guest Blog Post

This week I will be featuring my first guest blogger! I love the idea of doing guest blogs, and I think this one will interest and help a lot of people.

Just a hint, the content goes perfectly with my blog name!

Girls Night

To finish off the week, my Mom will be hosting a girls night at her house.

Wine and appetizers will be served, and I am quite excited to try out another Pinterest recipe.If you have one I should try, please send it my way!

Have you caught on to my obsession with Pinterest?


What does your week have in store? Exciting workouts or time with friends/family? Please share!!

(and I totally feel better already after writing this 🙂 )



A Week of Arbonne

22 Jan

My friend Jessica was so kind to give me a weeks worth of Arbonne products to try out and review. I will be kicking off my week of Arbonne tomorrow morning, and will be following it through Friday.

For a sneak peak of the products I get to review, please keep reading!

The protein shakes are number one on my list of products to try! I have them in these little packages, and also in a pre-made bottle. I have vanilla and chocolate to try, and with 20 g’s of protein packed in these babies, I have a feeling they will be an awesome meal replacement.


The power packs are full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Each pack includes 5 supplements, and each one does something super special and awesome for the body.

After a week of taking these supplements, I am hoping to feel the difference in my mood and energy levels. I am also always looking for supplements that make my tummy happy, and these claim to do just that. Bring it on, power packs!

I expect these fizz tabs to get me through my afternoon lull, which hits daily at 2pm.

The fizz tabs contain antioxidants, and a blend of nutrients to give me a boost of energy (ginseng, green tea, guarana). Best part about them is the fact that they only contain 10 calories, and come in a pomegranate flavor!


The Herbal Detox Tea will serve as my mid-morning and late night boost of heat. I love drinking tea for the warmth, and this tea will also benefit my body by naturally detoxing my system.

And with no caffeine, I can enjoy it each night.

Along with these products, I also have some other exciting products to try during the week. I will share  all of these with you when I write my full review next Sunday. Look out for my tweets as well for a sneak preview of how I am liking these products!

Are you a fan of Arbonne? Any tips for me on how to maximize the results from the products?

Wishing you a great week ahead!



P.S. Are you intrigued enough by this post that you want to order Arbonne before I write the review? Contact Jessica at her website or on facebook!

Fashion Fridays – I’m on a Budget

20 Jan

Welcome to the second installment of Fashion Fridays! The first one was such a success (page view wise), that I decided this weekly post will be the new norm for Friday!

I, along with many other people, am on a budget. Last week I featured a Lululemon top, which was a little pricey. This week I decided to post a budget friendly item, that almost anyone could purchase for their fitness wardrobe!

Old Navy Compression Tank Top

I will admit it, I am a total brand whore when it comes to running clothes. The pricier the outfit, the faster I think it will make me run.

This weekend I was out shopping, and decided to make a stop in Old Navy. I have been seeing their active wear commercials on TV, and thought it might be something worth trying. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this striped top, and it was on sale for $10!

I love wearing tanks to run in and in boot camp class. I get really hot when I have sleeves on, especially when working out inside or in the heat. This top was a dry fit material, which is perfect for a warm workout.

The top came with extra padding in the bust, however I removed these first thing. I always wear another sports bra under my running tops (unless it is a Lulu top), so I didn’t need the extra padding. It was a little large around my stomach, but that was ok seeing that I was wearing it at boot camp. Less clothing huggage, less I notice the results from donuts.

Overall, the top was comfy, and cozy. Not once did it annoy me during the workout, and I also managed to snag some compliments in between plank sets.

Should you buy one?

YES! For the price alone, this top is worth purchasing. It was just as comfortable and easy to wear as my pricey running tops, but one fifth the cost.

Anyone who is looking to refresh their running and workout wardrobe with cute clothes (which I would highly recommend), please head to Old Navy. The prices are amazing, and the clothes are cute.

Have you ever tried Old Navy clothes? Or are you a running clothes brand whore like me and afraid to venture out of the brand bubble?



The Power of Positive Thinking

18 Jan

Recently, I have been thinking a lot about the role positive thinking can play in ones life.

Everyday I come in contact with negative people, and I always want to ask them what they think their negative attitude is going to accomplish for them. Do they think that complaining about something is going to make it change? Do they think that if they try to bring other people down with them, their bad situation will somehow get better (the misery loves company idea)? Or do they not think about these things at all?

I am a positive person, and I always have been. I try to see the good in everyone and in every situation I am placed in. Am I always able to overcome every obstacle with a big smile on my face? No. But you can bet I will try my hardest to do so.

Positive thinking has not only played a huge role in my life, but also in my running successes. Since I began my running career at the age of 13 (middle school cross country), I have realized how important it is to stay positive during races and hard workouts.The minute that I let my mind go in a race, I might as well quit.

I have encountered many “mental” runners over the years. I have run with them on my cross country/track teams, and next to them in half marathons. And I always feel sorry for them that they deal with those negative thoughts. I am so thankful to stay away from joining the crowd of “mental” runners, and that I can keep myself going by saying affirmations in my head.

As I said earlier, I don’t make it out of every situation with a big fat smile on my face. But I do really try to make that the case. The experts say that running is very much a mental sport, and I couldn’t agree more.

To all my friends out there facing something hard in life, or getting prepared to, please keep in mind that you can overcome so much by keeping your head up and your mind free of negativity. And if that isn’t enough to think of, try my favorite quote by Robert H. Schuller – “Tough times never last, but tough people do!”.

How do you keep negativity from creeping into your life? Or do you struggle like so many do to keep these thoughts away? Do you have advice for dealing with other negative people we encounter daily? I would love to hear your views on this!



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