2012 Goals and Aspirations

5 Jan

2012 is a new year, which means new goals and new aspirations. Seeing that I am pretty much an open book to my readers, I would like to share these goals with you right now. Here goes!

In 2012, I dream of….

  1. Running a half marathon, and possibly getting that PR
  2. Running a half marathon next to my Mom, as she completes her very first 13.1
  3. Running a marathon, in an exciting city (NYC??)
  4. Running at least 800 miles (better get started)
  5. Completing at least one cross training workout every week
  6. Reaching my “goal weight”, by living healthy
  7. Saving money
  8. Taking a risk (a positive risk that is)
  9. Not allowing other people to have a negative impact on my life
  10. Blogging more (at least 4 times a week)
  11. Increasing my blog audience
  12. Becoming more involved with the FitFluential community
  13. Learning how to cook
  14. Saying less bad words (sorry Mom and Dad)
  15. Traveling somewhere I have never been
  16. Volunteering

As you can see, this list is large but totally doable. Many of these items are things I should already be doing (ahem, volunteering) but have yet to start.

What comments do you have about my goals? I would love to hear them! Do you have goals to share with me? I would love to hear those too!

Looking forward to spending another year with you all, and hopefully meeting many more new faces through this blog.



One Response to “2012 Goals and Aspirations”

  1. Nancy Hat. January 5, 2012 at 9:27 pm #

    I would love to run next to you as I do my first half (if my hip will allow it!), and I too will try to use less bad words!!! Great goals – good luck 🙂

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