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Fashion Fridays – Sparkly Giveaway!

3 Feb

Happy Friday, and TGIF my friends.

What a week…I know I said I would be practicing my positive thinking this week, but I kind of struggled. Today I am feeling much better though, and I plan on continuing this mood.

This week, adding a little sparkle to my life helped me get through, so Fashion Fridays will be featuring headbands that I received from Sparkly Soul!

Sparkly Soul Headbands

I am a big fan of head flair when I run. Well, lets get real – I am a big fan of ALL flair when I run. And I was SO excited when I received my sparkly soul headbands last week!

Sparkly Soul sent me a thin headband, and a wide headband. I picked my colors to be blue and green, since those will match quite a few of my workout ensembles (I swear all my workout clothes seem to be blue).

So…did I like them?

I tried the headbands this week at my boot camp class. And I LOVED them.

I struggle with headbands slipping due my awkwardly shaped head…but let me tell ya – this thing did not budge! It stayed in place the entire class, and never failed to look cute while the rest of me did not.


Self portraits at their finest!

Now let’s give some away!

Do you want to have sparkly flair too? Well now is your chance to get a thin AND wide sparkly band for free!

To enter the contest, please follow the rules below.

Required for one entry:

  1. Go to, and pick out your favorite colors of EACH band (thin & wide).
  2. Comment on this blog and tell me which colors you would choose.

Required for addition entries:
*For each additional entry, please add another comment to let me know it was done*

    1. Tweet: I want to win a @SPARKLYSOULINC non-slip headband from & @ahatfield08! Enter to win here:
    2. Follow me on Twitter! @ahatfield08
    3. Share this giveaway on your Facebook page
    4. Pin this giveaway on Pinterest!Pin It

Other awesome things you can do:
*sorry, these do not get you an additional entry*

  1. Follow @sparklysoulinc on Twitter
  2. Like Sparkly Soul on Facebook

Good luck! A winner will be selected at RANDOM on Monday.

Can’t wait till Monday?

Go to, pick out some headbands and use the code “Fitfluential” to get 15% off! This code is good until March 1st.



A Letter to My Skinny Friend

2 Feb

Dear Skinny Friend,

We have lived in the same neighborhood for about 2 and a half years. I don’t know your name. I don’t know your story. I don’t know anything about your life. But I really like you. And you inspire me.

Our faux friendship started shortly after I moved into my house. I would see you running in the morning, and see the determination within you. Every time we run by each other, we share a polite “hello” and “good morning!”. You also give me a very kind smile that tells me you are a nice person.

So why do you inspire me? You inspire me because no matter what weather – rain, snow, cold, heat, etc. you are out hitting the pavement in our neighborhood. Every single day you run. And every day you look so determined to get to the next step.

You also inspire me because over the two and a half years we’ve been living in the same neighborhood, you have lost at least 50 pounds. Anyone who can take control of their life and do that for themselves inspires me. I don’t what else you are doing aside from running, but skinny friend – you’re lookin’ good.

Maybe someday we will stop and have a conversation during our run. However based on your focus and my tendency to start my morning runs late, I don’t know if that will ever happen.

Thank you for being an example to others in our neighborhood, and proving that being active can make a big difference in ones life.

Also, thanks for all the smiles, hello’s and good mornings these last two years. Keep up the running, and keep up that level of determination.


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