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The Spring Race Series

27 Mar

Well, it’s about dang time that I update the blog with my spring race schedule.

It appears that I have been a little ambitious this year…but I am pretty excited for the next two months! Each race I signed up for has a story. So sit back, relax, and wish me luck!

Rock the Parkway

April 14, 2012

I have heard this is a great race, so this year I decided I had to run it! Well, I went online to register (3 months in advance) and read ‘SOLD OUT’. I panicked.

I began stalking the website and harassing the race directors to let me in. Finally, they announced on their facebook page that they would be offering 50 VIP Registrations for the bargain price of $150 (when the race sold out, the registration cost was $50). So of course, I signed up. BUT on race day I get to potty VIP, and park VIP. So be jealous.

Kansas Half Marathon

April 22, 2012

The Kansas Half Marathon will be my first adventure in Pacing. I will be pacing the 1:55 group with my dear friend and running buddy Stacy.

Although this race is the day after my 26th birthday, I am still excited to wake up in the dark (at the same time I would normally go to bed on my birthday) and head to Lawrence, KS to run.

If you are running this race, or know someone running, hit me up and come by my pace group!

Chicagoland Marathon

May 20, 2012

I recently signed up for the Chicagoland Marathon. I will be running this marathon with Diana, and the goal is to get her a BQ.

The pressure is on to the be the best pacer ever and get Diana to her goal. The pressure is also on to ensure that I can run another Boston Qualifier time!! Eek!

Apparently the course for this race was just updated, and will basically be an out and back times 4. Yes, you read that right – TIMES 4!!! I hope we don’t get too bored. I think I might actually put together an Agenda of things to discus during this 26.2.

Hospital Hill Marathon

June 2, 2012

I ran the 5K of this race back in the day (like, way back…I think I was 10). This year I will be running the Half Marathon with my BFF, Nicole!

This race will kick off the week of wedding festivities for Nicole’s big day. Nicole will be getting married on June 9th, and I am Maid of Honor. This race will be wedding themed for Nicole and I…and costumes will be a must.


So what do you think about the spring race schedule? Do you have any tips or suggestions to keep my legs moving through June?

I would also love to hear about the races you are running this spring, so please share!



My Love/Hate Relationship

15 Mar

I am in a love/hate relationship. And this relationship is with speedwork.

Every week, I dread my Tuesday/Thursday runs because it means we are doing speedwork. And this week was no different; tempo run on Tuesday, track work on Thursday.

Speedwork is hard. And uncomfortable. Speedwork forces you to put your body in a state of discomfort for an extended amount of time, and makes you feel like death while you’re doing it. Speedwork is also very scary, and intimidating. You see the times you must run your repeats in and immediately think, “Holy crap” (or at least I do).

But one thing is for sure: Speedwork pays off, and makes you run faster than you think is possible for your body.

As I said earlier, speedwork is a love/hate relationship for me. And although last night at 9pm I hated it, today at approximately 6:26am, I was in love…

Diana’s training schedule (I use Di’s, because I have yet to make one for myself) listed mile repeats for today. When I heard this, I said to her, “Oh, well you can do those but I am doing my own thing. I despise mile repeats. They suck. No way.”

As I was driving to meet the girls this morning, I was trying to figure out what I was going to run…800’s? 400’s? A ladder? And when I got up to the track, I still had not decided. We ran our warm up run, and still no decision (It is really hard to think at 5:15am).

Then it was time to start the actual workout. So I sucked it up and said I would do the first mile repeat with them, and then do my own thing (whatever that may be).

Well, I never started my own thing, and ended up running all 4 of those dang repeats.

The times for each mile were as follows: 7:02, 6:43, 6:41, 6:34. I thought anything under 7 would be good, and after the first mile I knew I needed to kick it into gear and pick up the pace. I didn’t think I would have these 6 min miles in my legs today, but it appears I did.

After I finished, I was proud and happy (as I always am after a Tuesday/Thursday run). And on a total runners high (my favorite feeling!!!). I am so glad that I pushed myself to do this workout today and didn’t give up. Diana and Stacy also did awesome on theirs, and we were a happy group overall.

Stacy wrapped up our run with a groundbreaking observation. She said to us, “You know what makes you run a fast race? Practicing a fast pace”. Shut the front door, I never would have guessed!!!


How do you feel about speedwork?? Do you love it? Hate it? Or both like me?



A Run with a Tumble

13 Mar

If you have had any form of communication with me over the past week (phone, in person, text, facebook, twitter, dailymile, etc.) you know that I have a boo boo.

And you know that I have a boo boo because I have been complaining about it non-stop since last Wednesday (sorry friends).

If you have not been able to hear the story, or see the evidence of it on my body, keep reading…

The “Story”

Last Wednesday morning, I arrived at Diana’s house for a lovely 5am run. It was a recovery day, and we had 5 miles on the schedule.

We began our run through the neighborhood, chatting as usual and oblivious to our dark surroundings.

Then all of a sudden (.2 miles into the run), BAM!!!! And I was laying face down, sprawled out on the sidewalk. I continued to lay there moaning in pain, while Diana screamed, “OMG ALI! ARE YOU OK!?!?”.

It took a minute to figure out what the hell had just happened, but then I realized, and said to myself…“Ali, you just bit it. Hard. And right as a car was driving by. Stop moaning/crying, get your face off the sidewalk, and make sure you didn’t just rip your $98 Lululemon pants.”

As I peeled my body off the cold sidewalk, I started to really feel the pain. We began running again, and I hurt. Bad. At first, I couldn’t tell which part of my body hurt worse: hands, knee, hip, shoulder. By the end of the run it was clear…I could barely move my arm up and down…I had really done something bad to my shoulder.

As the day went on, the complaining/whining/pathetic-ness only got more annoying. And my shoulder hurt more and more.

The “Evidence

Now I know you are all just dying to see the photos from this disastrous event. So here you go…

This was taken 5 days, post fall. See that bruising? See it?

I wonder if people think I got a tattoo??

Ok, so maybe these photos don’t do it justice, but my arm still hurts really really bad. And I am going to continue to complain about this thing until the pain goes away and I don’t have to apply bandages and ointment numerous times a day.

Thank you for listening, and feeling sorry for me.


P.S. The $98 Lulu pants survived the fall without a snag. Thank goodness, because that would have been something worth crying about.

Marvelous Mondays – March 12, 2012

12 Mar

Happy Monday!!!

As always, this week has a lot to look forward to….here goes….

The Bachelor

You guessed it…the first thing I am looking forward to this week is the Bachelor Finale.

As I already stated in a previous post, Ben will pick Courtney tonight. No, I do not read spoilers, but I am good at reading dumbass men.

And I cannot wait for the “After the Final Rose”, where Chris Harrison drills these two on what exactly went wrong during their 3 week courtship. This is sure to be the “Most Dramatic Season Finale Yet”!


"I am a tool" "I am a snarky B"


I have SO many things I want to blog about this week, and I cannot wait to share them all with you!!

My running has been going really well lately, and I am excited to fill you all in on my upcoming races. There are quite a few on the list…


Two of my dear friends are celebrating a Birthday this weekend, and I am so excited to join in on the fun with them!

After my crazy St. Patrick’s Day Race day last Saturday…I feel another St. Patrick’s Day celebration coming on!! Hope you’re ready Kara and Lindsey!!!!


The fact that I slept at least 16 hours yesterday is making my Monday mighty marvelous. I cannot remember the last time I felt this well rested.

I love to sleep.

So what is going on this week in your life? Please share!!



St. Patrick’s Day Fun Run, March 10, 2012

11 Mar

This weekend, I ran the Westport St. Patrick’s Day 4 mile run. I have done this race 3 times, and this year was the most fun of all.

Stacy, Diana and I decided that we would go all out in costume this year, and wear tutus. After spending a few a hours on Friday night cutting, looping and pulling, the tutus were complete (and I had carpel tunnel).

Saturday morning came and we all headed downtown to the race. We wanted to get in 4 miles prior to the race, since we usually run long on Saturdays. After a slow 3.5 mile warm up, we got dressed up and headed down to the start line. I ran into some other friends at the start line too!

Eileen wore a tutu too!!

Mile 1

The race started off quite annoying. I lined up in the 7 min mile, and it appears that everyone else lined up in that pace as well. I was having a mini meltdown from tripping over so many people. A tip to runners: If you are running a slower than what the sign says that you are standing under, MOVE BACK!!!!

Dan knows what I am talking about.

The first mile went by fast, and I ran a 6:59.

Mile 2

Luckily, a lot of the annoying people started to peel away during mile two, and I could find my racing groove and stop using so much energy dodging people.

Mile two was a 7:01

Mile 3

This mile went by pretty fast. There was some wind and some hills, but I made it! What I loved most about this mile is the 8 (approx.) year old girl I ran by. She was haulin’!!! And I was in awe. I said, “Girlfriend, you’re rockin!!!” as I ran by her. And she sweetly said, “Thank you!!”.

Mile three was a 7:13

Mile 4

My eye was on the prize in mile four, and that prize was the finish line. It was hard to pass up the jello shots and green beer people were passing out, but I knew there would be some to enjoy after the race!!

Mile 4 was a 6:57, and I finished the 4.03 mile race in 28:18.

Post Race Fun

After the race, we headed to a bar and starting hydrating. We ran hard, and we needed to re-fuel and re-hydrate.


Q: How much of a bloody mary ended up on my shirt?? A: Half, or $3.50 worth.

Stacy and Di rocked this race too! It was such a fun race for all of us girls to run together. Stacy and Diana’s husbands also ran, and did amazing as well!

The PERFECT day!

After Stacy and Diana headed home, I went to another nearby bar and met up with some friends that had also ran the race.

The post race hydration kept going….


Tutu Twinkies.

Forever Friends!

All in all, it was a great day. The weather was perfect, and our legs were feeling fast.

Wishing you a bright and sunny week ahead!!




We run, then we party.

5 Mar

This weekend, my best friend Nicole was in town. Nicole grew up in KC, but recently moved out to California to be with her now fiance.

The reason for Nicole’s homecoming was her Bridal Shower, and to get a couple wedding things done.

Saturday morning began with a 10 mile run. I had not gone for a run with Nicole in almost a year, and that is a VERY long time without my favorite running buddy.

We ran with Stacy and Diana, it was like the group was complete! Overall, it was a great run at a 9 minute pace.

The KC weather was quite the change from what Nicole is used to!!

Following our run, it was time for me to prep for Nicole’s big party! I was a hostess of the party, and we were expecting over 50 women!

It was a lot of work, but the party was amazing (Thank you MOM for helping me SO much)!

Pretty in pink!

Good thing we ran, because we ate...A LOT!

The best friends!

I always love the motto “Work hard, play hard”. And I think that is a motto I live by. I work very hard at everything I do, and I play almost as hard. This past weekend was a testament to that, and it was one of the best weekends I have had in a very long time.

I am already looking forward to the next time I get to run with my favorite running buddy!! Maybe we could plan that run in Vegas at your Bachelorette party?!?

Have the best week ever!!



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