Race Recap: KC Half Marathon

22 Oct

The Kansas City Marathon is one of my favorite races.

In 2008, the KC Half Marathon was the first half marathon I had ever done. I trained relatively hard, and went out there having no clue what I was doing. Originally my goal for the race was 1:45…well, I shocked myself and ran a 1:34. To this day, that is still my half marathon PR.

This year was my 4th time running the race, and my 6th time being down there for all the action. Like I said, I LOVE this race. The city is beautiful to explore and people come out to cheer you on. It is also usually a perfect fall day.

I decided that this race would be my final “long” run before the NYC Marathon. It was perfect timing being two weeks out, and Ramsey was registered too – which meant I would get to run the whole race with one of my favorite running buddies (awwwwwwwwww).

Our goal was to beat 1:50, which would give Ramsey a PR and allow me to run a good pace before NYC (not too easy but not too hard). I was very excited to run and to be there for Ramsey to beat his goal!!

I wore my favorite socks at the race!!!

I wore my favorite socks at the race!!!

We got to the starting line right on time, and I was able to say hello to a few friends that were running too. We all hugged and wished each other luck, then Ramsey and I parked ourselves next to the 1:45 pace group.

One of my favorite pre-race moments was when the National Anthem played. There were some issues going on with the audio, and part of the way through the Anthem the music went out. Instead of the crowd losing patience and moving along, everyone started singing. And we sang until the Anthem was over. I got chills, and choked up. Not sure why…but something about it was so moving. We were all united as one, and ready to conquer the miles ahead.

A beautiful morning in KC!

A beautiful morning in KC!

The first few miles of the race were slow. Some of the biggest hills of the race are in miles 1-4 (which includes one of the biggest hills in KC!). We ran these miles conservatively, and chatted about the course and what was coming up.

Miles 5-8 were fun because they go through one of my favorite parts of the city – The Country Club Plaza. We also got to see our friends Adam and Amber out cheering. This was definitely a boost for Ramsey.

Miles 8-10 are more hills. And they suck. If you run the KC Marathon, these gremlins hit you right at mile 21. If I am cursing them in the half, I can only imagine what my friends running the full were experiencing.

Once we got through mile 10, we had a 5k left. I was giving Ramsey non stop pep talks and chatting his ear off. But he liked it (whether he admits it or not!!)

Mile 11, 12 and 13 we really picked up the race. Ramsey wanted to finish, and I was going with the flow! I knew we would break our goal of 1:50, but wasn’t sure how close to 1:45 we could manage to get…

Before we knew it, the end of the race was in front of us. I really wanted to do this adorable finish line photo of us holding hands, but Ramsey was having none of that. He was focused and wanted to get past the finish. So there went my frame-worthy photo opp 😉

Finish time: 1:45:50ish

I am CRAZY proud of Ramsey and how well he did. He really toughed it out on those big hills and never gave up (mentally or physically).

Post Race photo with Ramsey!

Post Race photo with Ramsey!

I will be back to run the KC Half Marathon next year, and I suggest that you consider it as well.


  1. 9:01
  2. 8:17
  3. 8:40
  4. 8:10
  5. 7:50
  6. 8:10
  7. 7:47
  8. 7:59
  9. 8:03
  10. 8:03
  11. 7:27
  12. 7:15
  13. 7:27

Judging by these splits, we ran a very smart race!

And a quick shout out to some of my friends that ran this race and PR’ed!!! Lee ran a 3:24 marathon, Amber ran a 3:14 marathon, and Krista ran a 1:33 half. Wow….I have some FAST friends!!!!!!! I am still in awe over their times!

Did you run last weekend? Have you done the KC Marathon or Half Marathon?



Lola trying to wear my medal after the race.

Lola trying to wear my medal after the race.

7 Responses to “Race Recap: KC Half Marathon”

  1. krissy m. murphy October 22, 2013 at 9:09 pm #

    BIG congrats to R! I def would love to come and run this race! 😀

  2. Carolyn Anderson October 22, 2013 at 9:25 pm #

    It was my second half and the first run I think I’ve ever smiled in. 🙂 I worked hard to train and felt great until the gremlins you mentioned. Lost my pace group and everything. While I did PR by 4 mins (2:41. I’m not a fast friend. ;)), I was amazed I didn’t PR by more because of how good I felt. I’m not upset, just surprised. I’m most proud of the fact if you look at my gps tracked route, there are no pauses because I didn’t walk long enough to have any.

    Then… post race. I was in pain the rest of the day. All upper GI/stomach. I could barely eat it hurt so bad and that’s no good after burning all those calories so I assume that only made it worse. My only theory is that my body rejected the introduction of Gu and gatorade, something I hadn’t trained with. I’m looking into more natural sugar/calorie boosts. Open to any suggestions here. 🙂 So, that was a big buzz kill. I’m still thrilled how the race itself went. I just want to avoid feeling like that again at all costs. 🙂

    Anyway, not sure what #3 will be. Either hospital hill for another new run, or revisiting Rock The Parkway to crush another PR, I hope. 🙂 Sorry for the long comment!

  3. Rachel O October 23, 2013 at 1:16 am #

    I ran the half this weekend! I also ran it in 2011, and I agree that its a great race. I LOVE going through Westport, its such a cool area. Glad you enjoyed the day too!

  4. Jeff October 23, 2013 at 6:38 am #

    Sorry I missed you guys! I helped pace a friend too. We were just behind the 1:45 pacer at the start, but it was very crowded! My friend wanted to push it late too with the downhills, we crossed in 1:41:24. Surprised we missed you at the finish too! Congrats to Ramsey, see you in NYC!

  5. Sean M October 23, 2013 at 7:37 am #

    We did the relay. It was horrible, to say the least! The track was incredible but the relay was horribly organized (actually, it wasn’t organized at ALL!). I’m definitely coming back next year for the half. The full and half seemed to be much better.

    We just love KC and love coming to visit our friends who live there.

  6. Kara October 23, 2013 at 9:02 am #

    Congratulations to both you and Ramsey! Such an awesome + smart race! I feel like I always say this to you, but ahhh I miss KC SOOO much!! I’ve always wanted to run this one. I think I need to put it on my calendar for next year now 🙂 Anyway, see you in NYC!

  7. Christine Hamele October 29, 2013 at 8:36 pm #

    My sister, Catherine, came in from Silverthorne/Summit County Colorado for the marathon and PRed as well. It was her first marathon in a while and she had a great experience. She was so impressed with how “the KC community supported us; from bouncy houses along the route to bands performing and kids in their yards cheering us on.”. We (my family, hers, mom, dad and four kids!) surprised her along the route, and at the finish line, with fun signs, goodies, etc. I participated in the Win for KC Tri in a team this summer and ran the 5K. It was my FIRST EVER run. A ton of fun. Doing a half scares me to death, but the love and inspiration I witnessed that day has motivated me to start training and consider it. GREAT post- and fantastic photos!

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