What’s Next?!?

6 Jun

Since Boston, I have been thinking a lot about what’s next for me.

As everyone that knows me could attest – I love to run! So obviously running would is still a major part of my life. But how much running in my life is still TBD.

For the last couple years, I have been dealing with some hip/butt pain. The longer it is has gone on, the more it has affected other parts of my body. My hamstring has been hurting, and recently my foot has been hurting. It is crazy how everything is connected. After Boston, I decided it was time to do something about it. So I bit the bullet and went to therapy.

Therapy sucks. A lot. But it is making a difference. Each week, I feel stronger and less pain. The biggest obstacle for me is actually doing the exercises they give me. As I crawl in bed every night I remember, “crap! I didn’t do those dumb exercises”. So I pull my body back out of bed and get to work. My therapist told me I can still run and workout – which is awesome! But I need to be careful and not run as much or as hard.

I love that little electronic thing. Might have to go on my Christmas list!!!

I love that little electronic thing. Might have to go on my Christmas list!!!

Roll and drink. Roll and drink. You get the picture.

Roll and drink. Roll and drink. You get the picture.

Another big thing I have been dealing with is my asthma. It has always been there, but the last year it just seems to get worse. When I was talking to my Dr. about the issue I realized that in NYC I used my inhaler 4 times…at 4 hits each time. TOO MUCH. Then in Boston I added up that I used the darn thing 6 times…4 hits each time. WAY TOO MUCH. I hate admitting that asthma is a problem. But I recently realized that I must treat it like an injury. And if I don’t take care of it, it will also never get better. My Dr. put me back on every day meds for it, and it forcing me to take my inhaler every day, and every time I run, to see how much it makes a difference. I hate the idea of this, but like PT – it is something that needs to be done.

When I started thinking about my fall marathon, I realized after looking at a calendar I would have to start training in a month. I just didn’t feel like a month was enough time for me to heal my body, get stronger, and get healthier.

I decided that an early fall marathon would be out of the picture this year, and instead I will run a half. The half I will be racing is the KC Half Marathon. And I will finally be running as a Girls on the Run Soulmate! I am so excited for this adventure and to raise money for a cause I believe in so much. I also love the KC half, and couldn’t imagine not running it. Depending on how I feel this summer, I might try to break my 1:34 PR (finally!!).

As for a Fall full marathon…right now it is looking like a December race. As soon as my friends pull the trigger on the St. Judes Memphis marathon, I am in too! A race in December allows me to hold off on hard training until late summer, and really take care of my body.

This summer, I still plan to run 20-30 miles a week. But I will mainly be focusing on strengthening my body and getting healthy. I need this booty pain to subside and the breathing crap to heal. And the only way for that to happen is for me to focus on my therapy and my health. I will be doing tons of stretching and strength this summer, and a little cross training too! I will also follow Doctor’s orders and take all the medicine she tells me to…whether I like it or not.

Biking will be part of my cross training! Thanks for the awesome book Runners World!

Biking will be part of my cross training! Thanks for the awesome book Runners World!

I am excited to see how these things will impact my running performance and where my marathon time could possibly go if I decide the December race is for me!

Like I said – I will still run. And my next race is tomorrow at Hospital Hill – my other favorite KC race!! I will be running for fun, but still hope to push it a bit. After Hospital Hill my running schedule is pretty darn free. Which makes me happy…because I know it’s what’s best.

Are you prepping for any races this summer or fall? Have you dealt with an injury before that forced you to tone down the training?


6 Responses to “What’s Next?!?”

  1. Amy Lauren June 7, 2014 at 6:57 am #

    I’m nowhere near a 1:34 half marathon or really fast, but I am dealing with an injury and trying to salvage what fitness I have (I PRed a 5K with a 22:05 about a month before getting injured, so my goal for the Fall is to see 21 on the clock). For the record, my injury is a cuboid stress reaction.

    I’ve been cycling, lifting weights, things like that… and you know, I wake up with muscles hurting that didn’t hurt when I was primarily running. I think the other training is helping me develop as an *athlete*, which in turn will help my running later on. Plus I’m still active, so it’s not so bad not being able to run (now it would suck if I had an injury where I was in a boot or something).

    Good luck with hospital hill- 2 words I wouldn’t want to see in a race title! Even if you’re just running it, have fun with it and enjoy. Sometimes we just need to focus on getting better and save the PRs and fast times for later. i actually have to run/walk a 5K that I signed up for bc while I’ll be able to run then, I’m still under dr’s orders to take it easy for 12 weeks.

    • mileswithstyle (@AliHatfield) June 7, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

      I hope you keep up with your cross training and feel better soon!! I agree that they make us more well rounded. When I have focused on the strength and cross training, it has made me a better runner. I am excited to see what the fall will bring!! Good luck getting that 21 🙂

  2. Hannah @ sprints & scones June 8, 2014 at 6:39 am #

    Injuries are so rough- it’s hard to listen to our bodies after training with a “push through it” mindset. It sounds like you have made some healthy decisions. You’re body nas been through some rigid training!!

    I started training for Chicago this week. This will be my third marathon and I’m hoping my time improves. I did the last one in October and it was just not good timing. Between moving across several states and starting law school, training was just a lot. Let’s hope this time is better!!

    • mileswithstyle (@AliHatfield) June 10, 2014 at 9:09 am #

      Good luck with training!! Cant wait to hear how it goes. Life is the biggest obstacle to work around when it comes to prepping for a marathon!!

  3. Amanda - RunToTheFinish June 11, 2014 at 5:11 am #

    HH Is your favorite race?! you are way crazier than I ever thought 🙂

    I just got that book too and am working on getting more biking done this summer. I can tel already it’s helping my running.

  4. Shanna June 14, 2014 at 3:26 am #

    I started training for my first full marathon last summer and ended up getting injured during training and not able to get to the start line (or really, I had to bow out half way through my 2nd leg in a relay race.. not ideal, but it was my tipping point in that i realized I couldn’t ignore my injury anymore). I ended up doing a lot of pilates/yoga/strength and worked up to be able to start barre classes and finally got to the point where I could try a spin class and I have absolutely fallen in love with spin!!! I think taking this time off to strengthen and refocus will help, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new cross-training love!!! Good luck!

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