Case of the Mondays + An Awesome Weekend

24 Jun

Yesterday, I had one of “those days”.

You know that kinda day. The day when you actually consider crawling in your bed and crying….or maybe you just go right ahead and do it (no comment).

Well that was my life yesterday from 6:30am to 10:30pm.

And I still can’t really figure out why. Maybe it was sleepiness, or maybe it is because my foot is randomly hurting and I had to take a few days off running. Whatever it was, it needed to stop. And luckily when I woke up this AM, my case of the Mondays was over (poor baby, right???).

We had such an awesome weekend. Our dear friends Adam and Amber got married, and we were busy with wedding fun all weekend. The rehearsal and wedding were both absolutely gorgeous. It was also located at one of our favorite places in KC – Westside Local. Ramsey and I had our first date there 2 years ago last week, and it was fun to reminisce a bit.

Celebrating 2 years together!

Celebrating 2 years together!

With some of girls and the lovely bride!

With some of girls and the lovely bride!

My favorite part of the wedding was the ceremony. Adam and Amber’s Dads officiated the ceremony and married them!! It was so special and something I have never seen. Talk about not leaving a dry eye in the house!

So sweet!

So sweet!

Lauren and I were twinsies.

Lauren and I were twinsies.

LOVED Amber's dress!!!

LOVED Amber’s dress!!!

Another major perk of the weekend was spending time with my sister in law Sarah! She was visiting from NYC for a wedding and stayed with us a couple nights. I love it when Sarah comes to visit because we just get to hang out and be girlfriends. I lucked out with such an awesome sister in law.

Pool time with Sarah.

Pool time with Sarah.

We also tried the new Champagne bar in KC - Ca va. So good!!

We also tried the new Champagne bar in KC – Ca va. So good!!

Sunday night we had a little World Cup party and cheered the US to a big…TIE!!! UGH that was a heartbreaker. All eyes on the Thursday game though – USA!

Ramsey and I also ventured on a bike ride!! And I didn't wreck the thing.

Ramsey and I also ventured on a bike ride!! And I didn’t wreck the thing.

Do you ever have “those days” where you are out of it and don’t know why? How do you handle it (if you can’t go for a run..ha!)?

Hope your weekend was as fun as mine was!!




2 Responses to “Case of the Mondays + An Awesome Weekend”

  1. Caroline June 24, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    That tie was a heartbreaker- AGH! Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  2. deettalbohling June 25, 2014 at 12:26 pm #

    I’ve had about 3 weeks of “case of the Mondays”… HAHAHA! But really. Besides running, I’ve taken time to go for walks (so hard not to run!) and set some time aside to read by the pool. It’s helped!

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