What’s Next….St. Jude’s Marathon!

9 Sep

Well it is official. Marathon #7 will be the St. Jude’s Marathon on December 6th!!

My decision to run this race was based on a few different factors. The first one being that I LOVE St. Judes. It is an amazing Hospital that does wonderful things for their patients and families. The fact of running for something that really mattered made me excited.

The next factor was the timing of this race. After Boston this year, I needed a break from training. My body was tired, and my mind was equally as exhausted. I am not someone that can train back to back to back. I need a break….or at least a couple weeks of doing nothing. The fact that this race is in December gave me more time to heal and mentally prepare for another training.

Third factor – I get to run this race with two of my favorite running buddies!!! Stacy, Di and I have not done a race together since Boston 2013. We love to run together, travel together, and spend time together. This marathon will be such a fun weekend trip for us girls. I am already so excited for a weekend away with my friends – and our favorite cheerleader of course (my Mom!)

Right now, I am at week 8 of training. The first 3 weeks were quite relaxed and just focused on the miles and building endurance. During the first 3 weeks, I averaged about 25 – 30 miles a week.

Week 4 of training is when things ramped up. From week 4 to 6, I put in about 45 miles a week with one speed workout a week. Long runs averaged 13 miles each.

Last week was my first week of 2 hard workouts, plus one long run. Right now, my long runs are up to 15 miles.

A quick look at last week’s training is below….

Monday – Off (too tired from Dev’s wedding the night before!!!)

Gorgeous bride!

Gorgeous bride!

Tuesday – 5.66 Miles easy (8:30 pace)

Wednesday – 8 miles at 7:45 pace. 6 x 800. 800 repeats were all between 3:09 to 3:14. I had to do this run on a treadmill, which was a bit interesting. Other than thinking I was going to fly off, I really liked it. I got to watch an episode of Law and Order and the treadmill controlled my speed…which ensured I wouldn’t miss any of my times.

Storms in the morning brought the most amazing sunrise as I left the gym.

Storms in the morning brought the most amazing sunrise as I left the gym.

Thursday – 7.11 miles at 8:17 pace. Great run with Amber and Erin.

Friday – 9.35 miles at 7:51 pace. This workout was interesting. And by interesting I mean it was HELL. I was supposed to do 4 x 1.5 mile repeats at half marathon pace (7 min/mile is what I use as my half split). After the first repeat I knew I wouldn’t make it to 4 repeats. I ended up doing 3 repeats right at 7 min pace, then an 800 at 7 min pace, and a 400 just below 7 min pace. My body was just not feeling it.

It was so hot I ran in a sports bra. I NEVER do that.

It was so hot I ran in a sports bra. And I never have the courage to do that. Proof the heat made me delirious.

Saturday – 5.22 miles at 8:37 pace. This was such an awesome run. It was a gorgeous morning (FINALLY) and I just absorbed the amazing day.

Night before run at Treads and Threads.

Night before run at Treads and Threads.

Post run breakfast at Happy Gillis in KC.

Post run breakfast at Happy Gillis in KC.

Sunday – 15.05 miles at 7:57 pace. Long run for the week was on Sunday due to my crazy schedule. I usually hate waiting until Sunday for my long run, but this week I loved it. Sunday mornings are so peaceful and it was made even better by amazing weather. I tricked my husband into running 10.5 miles with me, which included 4 hard miles. Those miles clocked in between 7 – 7:30 pace. So thankful that I am married to such a great running buddy.



Total mileage for the week: 50.39 miles.

It is my goal to post my weekly updates on my blog….so we will see how that goes 🙂

Are you training for anything right now??



2 Responses to “What’s Next….St. Jude’s Marathon!”

  1. bmayekawa77 September 10, 2014 at 1:54 pm #

    Good luck in your training!! I just recently ran my very first half marathon (2:30:19) am currently recovering/cross training and plan on working that time down before I tackle a full marathon. Another side note… I AM A BEARCAT ALSO! Accidentally ran across this blog the other day when building my own and googled “KC Running blogs”! All the best!


  2. deettalbohling September 12, 2014 at 11:31 am #

    See you in Memphis!! 🙂

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