Listening to my body

11 Nov

The past few days, I have felt tired and worn out.

Last night, I posted my training update. If you read it, you know that I had a couple runs that I just wasn’t feeling it.

Yesterday morning, I was planning to run 12 400’s at 5k pace. I went to bed Sunday already dreading this workout and wondering if I should do it. My leg was hurting and I just didn’t feel good. And in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t a good idea.

So when my alarm went off on Monday morning, I hit snooze. Then I hit snooze again. And finally, I turned the thing off and went back to sleep.

Very rarely do I sleep through a run, especially when it is a hard workout that I know I won’t be able to make up later in the day. But this time around, I just could not get up. I swear that if someone told me that there was $1000 waiting at that track I would’ve still turned off the alarm.

Normally I would feel guilty and lazy all day for skipping my run. But this time it was different.

My body is tired. And the aches and the pains were screaming at me to take a day off, so I listened.

Sometimes these rest days are just as important to us as the speed workouts are. When training for a race we put our bodies through so much, and it is only fair to give it a little rest sometimes. I tell people all the time to listen to their bodies, and finally I decided to practice what I preach! I probably should’ve done this last week when I knew things were off, but I was just too crazy dedicated to the training plan allow it.

Hopefully this missed day gets me back on track and prepared to face my last week of training before taper starts!!

Are you good at listening to your body? Or are you like me and struggle with the guilt of taking a day off?



3 Responses to “Listening to my body”

  1. deettalbohling November 11, 2014 at 7:15 am #

    I’m certainly getting better at listening to my body but often times I still feel guilty. Physically, I know I won’t miss much but mentally I NEED to run. Last week I took Thurs and Fri off because every inch of my body was feeling it. It made my Sat long run so much more pleasant! That was the affirmation I needed. Wishing you strong, fast legs as you finish training!!

  2. Amy Lauren November 11, 2014 at 7:57 am #

    I definitely struggle with the guilt of taking a day off! I do take every Friday off, usually because I run a race on Saturday and also, I just like the mental recovery that comes from not working out on a Friday :). I do speedwork on Mondays, though, and sometimes on Tuesday I have felt like I needed that extra day off. In the end, I don’t think missing a workout or two matters so much, you probably do 95% of your runs anyway and it’s better to listen to your body so you can hammer the next one out! Seems like marathon training is going really well for you too (I did read yesterday’s update).

  3. ambertherunner November 11, 2014 at 9:50 am #

    Kudos to your for listening to your body, even if it was a week late 🙂
    I definitely struggle to listen to my body, and I think a lot of runners do. If it’s on my training plan, I fully intend to get it done. Sometimes I’ll switch hard days around, but rarely do I skip them. That mind set made for a really rough summer this past year, but I took it as a learning experience and am trying to do a better job of resting when I need it 🙂

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