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Longview Half + Training Update

18 Nov

Last week was my last “hard” week of training. It was my third week of 60 miles, which is the most mileage I have ever done back to back. Last year when I trained for NYC, I only had one 60 mile week. This year, I knew I needed to do a couple more if I wanted to see improvements on race day.

When I started the week I was feeling pretty blah. I decided I needed an extra day off, and also needed to cut out a hard workout to get me back on track. I am so glad I did because it made the half marathon on Saturday much more enjoyable.

Part One – Training Update

Monday – Off

Tuesday – 8.25 miles at 8:46 pace. Took it nice and easy since I wasn’t feeling that great.

Wednesday – 10.25 miles at 7:44 pace. 2 mile warm up, 6 x 1 mile repeats with 400m recovery. First 3 @ 7:00, Last 3 around 6:55. Cooled down another couple miles. Had to do this one on the treadmill because it was just so darn cold outside.

Thursday – 8.03 miles at 8:09 pace. Had a few pick ups in the middle of the run.

Post run burglar selfie.

Post run burglar selfie.

Friday – 8.05 miles at 8:34 pace.

Dinner with friends Friday night.

Dinner with friends Friday night.

Saturday – 18.25 miles total (see below for more details)

Sunday – 7.55 miles at 9:00 pace. I was so cold and a tad over-served the night before at our friends house. Made for such a fun run.

Total mileage: 60ish


Part Two – Longview Half Marathon Race Recap

Saturday was my last big long run before taper. I was so excited for this run, and also dreading it. I had 12 miles of goal pace miles on the schedule, so I decided to just run the half marathon hard and take care of the goal pace miles there.

Stacy, Diana and I started the morning with a 4.9 mile warm up. We took it nice and easy (9:20 pace).

The race was out at Longview Lake, which is a beautiful area. It was really cold, but we were lucky to avoid the snow that the weather people had been predicting.

Once we finally got started running (they delayed the race because there was a bad traffic situation), I met up with my friend Amber and ran with her. We ran the first 6 miles with the 1:35 pace group, then separated. I knew I was running too hard for a long training run, and that she could run much faster than 1:35. Once we parted ways I slowed down a bit and gave myself some distance from the 1:35 pace group.

As the miles went on I kept the 1:35 pace group in sight but ran a comfortable pace that I knew I could easily maintain. I felt surprisingly good considering the miles I had done earlier in the week.

Start of the race.

Start of the race.

Around mile 11 a girl named Jess came up next to me and told me she was going to run with me for the rest of the race. I was just fine with this since I was getting a little lonely. I also love to run with other people. Jess was really sweet and we had 2 miles of good conversation. It certainly made the last couple miles fly by.



As Jess and I approached the finish we decided to pick up the pace and catch a girl in front of us. I am so glad I got to meet her and run with her for a bit.

Running to the finish with Jess.

Running to the finish with Jess.

Done with the race and with 18 miles!!

Done with the race and with 18 miles!!

I ended up running a 1:35:15 half which made me pretty happy. It is really exciting for me that I was able to pull off that race after a hard few weeks. And I will say that the course was not flat. Crazy that just 3 years ago I trained hard for a half and ran a 1:36:39. It goes to show what hard work can do for your running. Dedication will pay off.

Amber ended up getting first in our age group, and I got second! That made the morning even better.

Running together for 15 years :)

Running together for 15 years 🙂

We are ready for taper.

We are ready for taper.


  1. 7:31
  2. 7:15
  3. 7:33
  4. 7:00
  5. 7:01
  6. 7:14
  7. 7:21
  8. 7:11
  9. 7:15
  10. 7:24
  11. 7:20
  12. 7:11
  13. 7:05 (+ :57)

I am SO excited that taper is finally here and I can prepare my body for race day. I got an email yesterday stating it was 19 days away. I semi hyperventilated….



Listening to my body

11 Nov

The past few days, I have felt tired and worn out.

Last night, I posted my training update. If you read it, you know that I had a couple runs that I just wasn’t feeling it.

Yesterday morning, I was planning to run 12 400’s at 5k pace. I went to bed Sunday already dreading this workout and wondering if I should do it. My leg was hurting and I just didn’t feel good. And in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t a good idea.

So when my alarm went off on Monday morning, I hit snooze. Then I hit snooze again. And finally, I turned the thing off and went back to sleep.

Very rarely do I sleep through a run, especially when it is a hard workout that I know I won’t be able to make up later in the day. But this time around, I just could not get up. I swear that if someone told me that there was $1000 waiting at that track I would’ve still turned off the alarm.

Normally I would feel guilty and lazy all day for skipping my run. But this time it was different.

My body is tired. And the aches and the pains were screaming at me to take a day off, so I listened.

Sometimes these rest days are just as important to us as the speed workouts are. When training for a race we put our bodies through so much, and it is only fair to give it a little rest sometimes. I tell people all the time to listen to their bodies, and finally I decided to practice what I preach! I probably should’ve done this last week when I knew things were off, but I was just too crazy dedicated to the training plan allow it.

Hopefully this missed day gets me back on track and prepared to face my last week of training before taper starts!!

Are you good at listening to your body? Or are you like me and struggle with the guilt of taking a day off?



St. Jude’s Training Update

10 Nov

It’s been awhile since my last training update.

Things are still going great with my St. Jude’s training. Since the KC Half, I have picked right back up with my training. There have definitely been some hard days the past couple weeks, and a few aches and pains. But overall, I feel strong.

Last week was one of my hardest weeks yet. I think that 15 weeks of training is catching up with me and my body is ready for that taper. I just keep reminding myself I only have one more week!!

Here is a little recap of training last week…

Monday: 10 miles at 8:05 pace. I had 3×2 miles at half marathon pace on the schedule and I just could not get myself there. My legs were pretty tired from a hard 20 miler two days before and no rest day in between. I ended up doing 2×2 miles, with only 2 of them being at half marathon pace. I figured I would take what I can get and my body was telling me to take it a little easier.

Tuesday: 7.5 miles at 8:50 pace. Easy and relaxed miles around the hood.

Wednesday: 11 miles at 7:43 pace. Treated myself to a treadmill run for this workout. Ran two miles warm up, 8 miles right under 7:30 pace, and a mile cool down.

Thursday: 8.5 miles at 8:37 pace. Great run with my Thursday run group.

Friday: 16 miles at 8:22 pace. Did my long run for the week on Friday because I was going out of town for the weekend. Overall the run was good, however I was having some major leg pains by the end of it. My piriformis issues have been acting up a bit the past couple weeks and really bugged me during this run.

A celebatory selfie after 16 miles before work.

A celebatory selfie after 16 miles before work.

Celebrating Hannah's baby BOY!

Celebrating Hannah’s baby BOY!

Saturday: 7 miles at 7:54 pace. Ran with my friend Erin before leaving for a relaxing weekend at my parents farm house.

Sunday: OFF!!!

Woke up to this gorgeous view at the farm.

Woke up to this gorgeous view at the farm.

Total mileage: 60

Hope you have a wonderful week!



St. Jude’s Marathon Training – Week 11 and 12

14 Oct


First off – Go Royals! As I am sitting here writing this, the Royals are playing Game 3 in the ALCS. This team has our city on a high and I hope we keep it going!

Now to running…

Since I was a slacker last week with my training update, I will add two weeks to this one.

Week of September 29 – October 4

Overall this week decent. I had 2 quality runs then a couple iffy ones. But at this point of my training I expect to feel tired.

Monday: 11.68 miles at 8:04 pace. This run was not so great. In fact, it earned itself a dedicated blog post….I will spare you from having to hear about it again.

But here is the same selfie for ya.

But here is the same selfie for ya.

Tuesday: Off

Wednesday: 8 miles at 7:38 pace. This had to be on the treadmill due to storms. I am a safety girl and just won’t risk running in bad weather. Workout was 5 x 1000 at 5k pace. I think I messed up my math and I am not sure of my specific splits. I know I did 3 at 6:22 pace and 2 at 6:18 pace. Legs felt much better for this workout!

TV night.

TV night.

Thursday: 7.1 miles at 8:15 pace.

Friday: 6.03 miles at 8:38 pace.

Saturday: 16.5 at 7:48 pace. 4 mile warm up, 8 miles goal pace (a little faster) 7:26,7:23, 7:25, 7:19, 7:08, 7:21, 7:06, 7:14. 4 mile cool down. This was an interesting run. It didn’t necessarily feel that great, but my watch looked great as the splits popped up. I was very happy when it was over and look forward to doing this run again and feeling great the entire time!

Post run snuggles.

Post run snuggles.

Boozy movie Saturday night. I LOVE the theater we went to!! We can get doubles of wine, and recline! And Gone Girl was a pretty awesome movie.

Boozy movie Saturday night. I LOVE the theater we went to!! We can get doubles of wine, and recline! And Gone Girl was a pretty awesome movie.

Sunday: 6 miles at 9:00 pace. WOW this run felt HORRIBLE!!! We waited to run until the afternoon and it just plain hurt.

Total Mileage: 55.33

Week of October 5 – 12

This week was a planned recovery/mini taper week. As I prep to run the KC Half Marathon this weekend, I wanted to make sure I felt semi fresh. I was also dealing with some MAJOR foot pain in my left foot that I was not loving. And to top that off, I felt like I was coming down with a cold. Because of these reasons I took the rest and recovery more serious than I had planned. I will say I am very proud of myself for listening to my body and taking a break.

Monday: Off day for running, but did some Jillian Michaels Yoga. I love her.

Tuesday: 6.64 miles at 8:12 pace. Foot hurt this entire run. It really freaked me out.

Wednesday: Unscheduled off day to let my foot rest and to shake off the sickness I felt.

It was so much better to just lay in bed with Win. Don't tell Ramsey Winnie was in our bed...

It was so much better to just lay in bed with Win. Don’t tell Ramsey Winnie was in our bed…

Thursday: 7.3 miles at 8:21 pace. Added 6 stride outs the last mile.

Friday: 6 miles at 9 min pace. Ran the first 3 with a group of running friends for Krista’s birthday!

Saturday: 11.87 miles at 8:55 pace. I met Stacy and Diana for this run and I am so glad I did! I knew I would be running easy but the run felt shockingly hard. I think the week of mini taper just made my legs feel a little dead.

Sunday: 4 miles at 8:42 pace. Ran nice and relaxed on the treadmill while watching SATC. Sometimes I love the treadmill so I can watch TV. After the run I hit the steam room. I forgot how much I LOVE the steam room!! It is my favorite place to stretch and made my head feel a little less congested.

Total Mileage: 35.82

St. Jude’s Marathon Training – HALFWAY THERE!

30 Sep

Last week’s training marked the halfway point of my training plan. 10 weeks down, 10 to go.

I knew I would be increasing my mileage, and I also had a really busy week with work and Girls on the Run meetings. Because of these factors, I went into the week with an open mind and decided I would do the best I could to follow my schedule.

Monday: 10.2 miles at 7:48 pace. 2 mile warm up, 6 miles at Marathon Goal Pace – 7:25, 7:27, 7:23, 6:56, 7:21, 7:14. The fast mile in there was on the track….so I kind of cheated. Overall I was very happy with this run and felt pretty good. It was a very cool morning which felt incredible. These paces are faster than my marathon goal pace, but they felt good so I went with it.

Garmin Selfie.

Garmin Selfie.

Decided to take Winnie pooch for a run when I got home from work. I was so proud of her for making it 1.1 miles! When I got home, I did 25 minutes of abs and arms.

Tuesday: 7.7 miles at 8:51 pace. Ran super easy, but also on lots of hills.

Went to the gym after work and did 25 minutes of abs and arms. Then hit the ice bath.

Ice baths are a perfect example of "hurts so good". I HATE them, but I love them so much more.

Ice baths are a perfect example of “hurts so good”. I HATE them, but I love them so much more.

Wednesday: Run #1 – 3.51 miles at 9:04 pace. Run #2 after work – 6.18 miles at 8:41 pace.

This was a disaster of a day. My schedule said mile repeats, but I knew it wasn’t happening when I woke up. I was so tired and just felt worn down. Usually I can fight it and give myself a pep talk, but that day I just couldn’t. This was one of the only runs in my 10 weeks of training that I have missed. Because of that, I am not worried about it. Obviously my body was telling me to rest, so I did just that. And the extra hour of sleep felt amazing.


Run #1 of the day was in the rain.

Run #1 of the day was in the rain. Proof on the tank.

Thursday: Off

Friday: 7 miles at 8:20 pace. Treadmill run in Baltimore. I was there for a Girls on the Run Conference. Finished this run with 4 x 30 second striders (6:55 pace).

Love my bum ruffle skirts.

Love my bum ruffle skirts.

Gorgeous Baltimore sunset.

Gorgeous Baltimore sunset.

It actually worked out well that our flights were delayed. Because of the delays, we got to have dinner next to the water.

It actually worked out well that our flights were delayed. Because of the delays, we got to have dinner next to the water.

Saturday: 16 miles at 8:56 pace. Such a great run catching up with Stacy and Diana. I loved hosting them for a run in my neighborhood. I was so glad I had an easy paced long run on the schedule. Not getting in from Baltimore until midnight made the 5:45am wake up call a little brutal. Easy miles were much appreciated.

Just had to slip in this ADORABLE photo of my sweet dog!!!!

Just had to slip in this ADORABLE photo of my sweet dog!!!!

Sunday: 5.04 miles at 8:48 pace. Finished with 6 x 10 second striders.

Total mileage: 56.74

All in all, I am happy with this week of training. While I didn’t follow my schedule perfectly and only had one hard run, I know I got in some quality miles. I also gave my legs a week to recover from the intensity I had been used to.

Hope your training/running/fitness is going well!!



Bad Runs Happen

29 Sep

This morning, I had a bad run. And not just a “bad” run…like a really really bad run.

The goal was to run 3 sets of 2 miles at half marathon pace. My PR half pace was right at 7:10 minute per mile, so I have been training towards a 7:00 minute per mile.

When I started my run, I could tell my legs were off. There was nothing fresh about them, which surprised me after coming off an easier week. At first I thought I would work it out during the warm up, but then when it was time to run faster I realized there may not be any “working it out”.

My first two miles were both off pace. A 7:30, and a 7:14. And worst of all – they felt so freaking hard (#twss).

I recovered for a mile then tried it again. The next set was better, as I was on flat ground – 6:56 and 7:04. But they still hurt like hell.

After another mile recovery, I started the final set. Again, it felt like I was dragging weights on my legs. Splits were 7:24 and 7:02.

On my cool down back to my house, I couldn’t help but think about my failed paces on this run. If I was holding myself to a 7min/mile pace, that means I only hit 1 mile out of 6. Not good. And there was no reason why this run should’ve felt this hard.

But instead of getting mad, upset and down, I reminded myself that bad runs happen. We all have them. And we always will. It is part of running, and certainly part of training for any race.

If I didn’t have these awful runs, I wouldn’t ever appreciate it when I had the really great ones.

The runs where every split is 10 seconds ahead of pace and my legs never burn. The runs where I am smiling because I feel so great (yep – I do that).

If every run was easy, I wouldn’t be the runner I am today. Because without the bad, I would never truly appreciate the good.

And after all, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger….right???

Now here is hoping that I get my act (and legs) together for my next hard run!

How do you handle a bad run?



Marathon Training – 11 Weeks Left!

22 Sep

Only 11 weeks to go until the St. Jude’s Marathon.

Last week’s training went pretty well. I had a couple hard workouts, and a long run that pushed me harder than what I have been doing this training cycle.

Monday: 8 miles at 7:46 pace. 2.5 mile warm up, 2 miles at 7:03, .5 recovery, 2 miles at 6:55, 1 mile cool down. This was a great workout and I really enjoyed it. I will admit that I cheated and did it on the treadmill. I just had zero motivation to run on any hills. I promised myself that the next time this workout comes around, I will suck it up and run on the road.

Tuesday: Off day for running. Did 25 minutes of abs and arms. I am making it a goal to do this twice a week. Sometimes it is so hard for me to add in other workouts when I am running so much…but I know it is SO important.

Wednesday: 8 miles at 7:32 pace. 2.5 mile warm up. 6 x 800 @ 3:03-3:07 pace. 2 x 400 @ 1:31 pace. Hard workout but overall felt great. Happy to see my 800 pace getting faster over the last few weeks. Lightning put me on the treadmill again. But I didn’t mind it. Law and Order SVU is such a great distraction!

Thursday: 7 miles at 8:12 pace. Easy morning run with Amber and Erin. The miles fly by with all of our chit chat!!

Friday: 5.54 miles at 8:45 pace. Great little run with Ramsey.

Saturday: 15 miles at 8:01 pace. Ran with the old Runner’s Edge group. I forgot how much I missed going to the run group! Ran 5 miles warm up, then 8 miles “hard”. 7:28, 7:13, 7:31, 7:11, 7:19, 7:22, 7:06, 7:20. Cooled down for 2 miles. Felt really good and enjoyed catching up with my friend Krista! I hosted a little breakfast after the run, which was fun too! I am sad we can’t do that every weekend!

Sunday: 5.58 miles at 8:50 pace. Super relaxed run with Ramsey. We even stopped a few times to enjoy some plaza scenery and explore the tepees at the Nelson!

Total Mileage: 49.12

I could definitely feel this week of training as I ran hard again this AM. But I am reminding myself that pushing harder is what will make me stronger. Even if it might nearly kill me 😉

Other than ALL the running, I had a really great week!! Monday night I got to spend with old coworkers and celebrating my husbands next big adventure.

Friday night we had the best job ever – being food judges at the Plaza Art Fair! We tried so many amazing restaurants and crowned Gram and Dun as Best in Show. If you haven’t had the chance to go to Gram and Dun, I urge you to head down to the plaza and give it a whirl. The cocktails alone are reason to make a stop.

Official judges.

Official judges.

So much food.

So much food.

Saturday I hosted a little dinner party with friends. We all take turns hosting dinner and have a theme for the night. So far we have had Italian night, sushi night, and as of Saturday we’ve had Kansas City night! I got BBQ from OK Joe’s and Q39, Dessert from Andres, local wine and beer, and vodka distilled in KC! It was such a fun night.

Sunday we headed back to the plaza art fair to walk around and admire the art. We had quite the strong margaritas as we were walking around and ran into quite a few friends. Overall it was a great end to the week.

Post run homemade waffles.

Post run homemade waffles.

I am craving this again right now.

I am craving this again right now.



How is your training going?? Any fun plans over the weekend?



Marathon Training – 12 Weeks Out

16 Sep

Last week marked 12 weeks out from the St Jude’s Marathon. We had a much needed break from the hot humid weather, which made the training a tad easier.

Monday – 6 miles, 9:00 pace. Easy run with Ramsey. Recovering from my long run the day before!

Tuesday – 8 miles, 8:08 pace. Hard morning at the track! 5 x 1000, with a goal of under 4:00 min each. Ran 4:06, 3:55, 3:55, 3:53, 3:50. Not sure why I was so rusty on the first one but was able to work it out for the rest of them. Legs were screaming!!!

A little couples track morning.

A little couples track morning.

Tipsy Tuesday thanks to a Wednesday rest day.

Tipsy Tuesday thanks to a Wednesday rest day.

Wednesday – OFF DAY!!! Slept in and spent some time doing my physical therapy exercises.

Thursday – 10.25 miles, 7:43 pace. Enjoyed the gorgeous weather but will admit my legs were pretty dead4. Ran 2 miles warm up, then picked up the pace for the next 6 miles. 7:50, 7:11, 7:17, 7:22, 7:07, 7:04. Totally tricked Ramsey into doing this run. The poor guy thought we were going out to do an easy 7 and this is how it ended up. He did amazing though. So proud!!

Who wears matching socks???

Who wears matching socks???

Friday – 4.85 miles, 8:50 pace. Easy run but hit some killer hills. Finished with 4 x 30 second stride outs.

Saturday – 15 miles, 8:50 pace. Took this long run nice and easy. After what felt like a really hard week, I knew it was better to relax on this run and just get in the miles. I did love this run because I got to spend lots of time with Diana and catch up!!

Operation Breakthrough Homecoming dance! I wore my prom dress from high school. I still love it!!!!!

Operation Breakthrough Homecoming dance! I wore my prom dress from high school. I still love it!!!!!

Sunday – 6 miles, 8:33 pace. This one hurt a little after a fun night out on Saturday. My head was pounding at the start and my legs were sore after participating in a dance competition…and winning it. Ran from my house to my friends Ellen and Brian’s. Then they treated me to breakfast. It was great.

Total Miles: 50.13

Until next time….



What’s Next….St. Jude’s Marathon!

9 Sep

Well it is official. Marathon #7 will be the St. Jude’s Marathon on December 6th!!

My decision to run this race was based on a few different factors. The first one being that I LOVE St. Judes. It is an amazing Hospital that does wonderful things for their patients and families. The fact of running for something that really mattered made me excited.

The next factor was the timing of this race. After Boston this year, I needed a break from training. My body was tired, and my mind was equally as exhausted. I am not someone that can train back to back to back. I need a break….or at least a couple weeks of doing nothing. The fact that this race is in December gave me more time to heal and mentally prepare for another training.

Third factor – I get to run this race with two of my favorite running buddies!!! Stacy, Di and I have not done a race together since Boston 2013. We love to run together, travel together, and spend time together. This marathon will be such a fun weekend trip for us girls. I am already so excited for a weekend away with my friends – and our favorite cheerleader of course (my Mom!)

Right now, I am at week 8 of training. The first 3 weeks were quite relaxed and just focused on the miles and building endurance. During the first 3 weeks, I averaged about 25 – 30 miles a week.

Week 4 of training is when things ramped up. From week 4 to 6, I put in about 45 miles a week with one speed workout a week. Long runs averaged 13 miles each.

Last week was my first week of 2 hard workouts, plus one long run. Right now, my long runs are up to 15 miles.

A quick look at last week’s training is below….

Monday – Off (too tired from Dev’s wedding the night before!!!)

Gorgeous bride!

Gorgeous bride!

Tuesday – 5.66 Miles easy (8:30 pace)

Wednesday – 8 miles at 7:45 pace. 6 x 800. 800 repeats were all between 3:09 to 3:14. I had to do this run on a treadmill, which was a bit interesting. Other than thinking I was going to fly off, I really liked it. I got to watch an episode of Law and Order and the treadmill controlled my speed…which ensured I wouldn’t miss any of my times.

Storms in the morning brought the most amazing sunrise as I left the gym.

Storms in the morning brought the most amazing sunrise as I left the gym.

Thursday – 7.11 miles at 8:17 pace. Great run with Amber and Erin.

Friday – 9.35 miles at 7:51 pace. This workout was interesting. And by interesting I mean it was HELL. I was supposed to do 4 x 1.5 mile repeats at half marathon pace (7 min/mile is what I use as my half split). After the first repeat I knew I wouldn’t make it to 4 repeats. I ended up doing 3 repeats right at 7 min pace, then an 800 at 7 min pace, and a 400 just below 7 min pace. My body was just not feeling it.

It was so hot I ran in a sports bra. I NEVER do that.

It was so hot I ran in a sports bra. And I never have the courage to do that. Proof the heat made me delirious.

Saturday – 5.22 miles at 8:37 pace. This was such an awesome run. It was a gorgeous morning (FINALLY) and I just absorbed the amazing day.

Night before run at Treads and Threads.

Night before run at Treads and Threads.

Post run breakfast at Happy Gillis in KC.

Post run breakfast at Happy Gillis in KC.

Sunday – 15.05 miles at 7:57 pace. Long run for the week was on Sunday due to my crazy schedule. I usually hate waiting until Sunday for my long run, but this week I loved it. Sunday mornings are so peaceful and it was made even better by amazing weather. I tricked my husband into running 10.5 miles with me, which included 4 hard miles. Those miles clocked in between 7 – 7:30 pace. So thankful that I am married to such a great running buddy.



Total mileage for the week: 50.39 miles.

It is my goal to post my weekly updates on my blog….so we will see how that goes 🙂

Are you training for anything right now??



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