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A Day of LOVE

14 Feb

In honor of Valentines Day, I decided to write a post focused on LOVE. Specifically, all the things that I LOVE about my life.


My Family

Best Parents, brother, cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Granparents

My Friends

Loyal and faithful friends galore!

My Running Buddies

No way I would see all my successes without Stacy and Diana.

My Boyfriend

Far apart but always in my heart!

My Job

Where else can you wear awesome sweaters to the office?

My Shoe Collection

and this isn’t even all of them…

My Role as Aunt Ali (Awi,I E)

Reese, Bridget and Caden – always bringing me smiles and laughs.

My Running Ability

So thankful to have this ability come so easily to me.

All of these things that I love are what make my life happy and whole. They get me through bad days, and keeping me looking forward to the next day to come.

As the years go on, I expect this list to grow longer.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day, and is able to spend it with someone they love, or doing something they love.



8 Miles in 8 Degrees

12 Feb

This weekend, I ran in the coldest weather I had ever braved.

It was 6 degrees when we began our 8 mile run at 8am, and 8 when we finished. The windchill was well below zero, but the sun was shining bright.

Diana, Stacy and I had decided it would be fun to wear PJ pants on this insanely chilly run. The PJ pants were also a great idea because they were fleece and were easy to layer over tights.

Oh you know, just ready to rob a bank!

This run was NOT Miles with Style. We looked like fools, and didn’t match at all.

Diana was wearing fleece pants with turtles on them, while I was spreading christmas cheer with mine. Our friend Emily who took the picture had the best PJ pants…complete with robots! Stacy looked the best, donning a pair of navy blue pretties.

I always try to look my best when I run, however in 8 degrees it is semi-impossible to look fashionable. The number one goal of this run was to avoid hypothermia, and get in our 8 miles.

We ended up having a great run, and were so proud of ourselves for making it through. We were also quite proud of the dedication we have to this sport.

Ran in my huge glasses, and they really helped to protect my face!

I hope you all had an awesome weekend as well, and avoided the 8 degree weather!

Wishing you an awesome week ahead!



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Fashion Fridays – I Love Shoes

10 Feb

It is Friday again, and I want to talk shoes.

As most girls do, I love shoes. I love heels, I love flats and I love comfy.

Now keep reading to see just a few of my faves!

When I am not wearing these Tory Burch beauties…

Or these red-soled goddesses…

I am wearing these lovelies…

Flats are fab, heels are great, but the shoes that matter most to me are my running shoes.

I have been a huge fan of Brooks running shoes for quite a while.

Four years ago, I started wearing the Brooks Glycerin. I loved the support and the cushion. They were great.

This past fall I decided to try out the Brooks Ghost. Wow. These shoes are amazing, and I have never been so in love with shoes (and that is saying a lot!). In fact when it is time to get new shoes, I just pick up the exact same pair. Same color, same style, same everything. I am obsessed.

So what are your favorite types of shoes? And I am talking all shoes…flats, heels, running, whatever!

Let’s start this Friday off great. Let’s talk shoe talk.



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Fashion Fridays – Keepin’ Warm

27 Jan

Good morning, and Happy Friday to you!

As (I hope) you read yesterday, I featured my first guest blogger to speak about winter running essentials. Stacy is very educated when it comes to running clothes, and I knew she would be the perfect subject matter expert to write that post.

For this Fashion Friday, I would like to share two winter running essentials that I cannot live without.

Croquet Headband

I LOVE my red, yellow and green croquet headband. My boyfriend’s Grandmother got me this super cute headband for Christmas this year, and I cannot get enough of it. It is so warm, and also layers great on super cold days with other headbands underneath.

Self Portrait in the back yard.

It is the perfect head flair for a freezing cold winter run, and gets a ton of compliments when you break it out.

I apologize for not having a direct link so you can get one of these too..however I think you can get similar headbands on Etsy.com.

The North Face Gaiter, aka “Turtle”

The next winter running essential that I cannot live without is my North Face neck protector. I know they are called Gaiters (according to the website, it is ‘Gaiter’ not ‘Gator’), but I like to call mine a turtle (I can sneak my head in and out, just like a turtle!).

This turtle is freaking amazing. It is SO warm and soft – I could easily sleep in it (which would actually save me a few minutes getting dressed in the morning). Anyone who will be running in the harsh cold winter winds needs this thing. I got it at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Go there right now, and buy one.

And when in doubt...throw on a boa.

I hope that after yesterdays post and this post today, you are all geared up for winter running. You have no excuses not to be out there pounding the payment.

I hope you have the best Friday ever, and a fantastic weekend ahead.



This is Miles with Style

23 Jan

I recently received an opportunity to audition for a national online magazine publication. They wanted to know who I am, what my story is, and what interests my readers. This post is my audition to be a part of this publication, and to share my thoughts, opinions and views with many other people!

So who is Ali and what is MileswithStyle.com all about? Well, keep reading and you will find out!

The Story, The Readers and The Posts

The fitness story behind MileswithStyle.com is a short and sweet one. I have always enjoyed being active, and love the results I see from it. Whether those results include winning an age group in a race, being a happier person, or squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans, I love being active. And I also love the fitness fashion that comes along with it.

The readers of MileswithStyle.com enjoy the positive messages, and relevant content posted on my blog. I understand that we all lead busy lives full of crazy commitments and time constraints. Some days you cannot invest an hour into a workout routine, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make better choices in other areas of your life. I love encouraging others, and helping them to realize that they can live an active and healthy life too. To me, a happy life is a balanced life.

The most popular posts on MileswithStyle.com are those related to fitness fashion. My readers know the importance of workout attire that is both functional and fashionable. I am here to help them find these fashion gems. I believe that the right workout attire can make a difference in your workout routines, not only physically but also mentally. Whether you’re looking for clothes to wear in your marathon, or clothes to wear to boot camp class, you can find a review of the right product for you on this blog. I am a firm believer in the look good – feel good concept. I often listen to others talk about what they wish they had in a workout outfit, and strive to find it for them.

So why should you read my blog and listen to what I have to say? It is simple. I understand who you are as a reader of this blog, and what you are looking for. I know you enjoy relevant material that can be tied into your everyday life, conveying practical suggestions and positive communications. I also know that you recognize the role fitness fashion can play in your life. After all, this blog was not named Miles with Style for nothin’!

Please join me (or kindly continue to stay with me) on my blogging journey!


Fashion Fridays – I’m on a Budget

20 Jan

Welcome to the second installment of Fashion Fridays! The first one was such a success (page view wise), that I decided this weekly post will be the new norm for Friday!

I, along with many other people, am on a budget. Last week I featured a Lululemon top, which was a little pricey. This week I decided to post a budget friendly item, that almost anyone could purchase for their fitness wardrobe!

Old Navy Compression Tank Top

I will admit it, I am a total brand whore when it comes to running clothes. The pricier the outfit, the faster I think it will make me run.

This weekend I was out shopping, and decided to make a stop in Old Navy. I have been seeing their active wear commercials on TV, and thought it might be something worth trying. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this striped top, and it was on sale for $10!

I love wearing tanks to run in and in boot camp class. I get really hot when I have sleeves on, especially when working out inside or in the heat. This top was a dry fit material, which is perfect for a warm workout.

The top came with extra padding in the bust, however I removed these first thing. I always wear another sports bra under my running tops (unless it is a Lulu top), so I didn’t need the extra padding. It was a little large around my stomach, but that was ok seeing that I was wearing it at boot camp. Less clothing huggage, less I notice the results from donuts.

Overall, the top was comfy, and cozy. Not once did it annoy me during the workout, and I also managed to snag some compliments in between plank sets.

Should you buy one?

YES! For the price alone, this top is worth purchasing. It was just as comfortable and easy to wear as my pricey running tops, but one fifth the cost.

Anyone who is looking to refresh their running and workout wardrobe with cute clothes (which I would highly recommend), please head to Old Navy. The prices are amazing, and the clothes are cute.

Have you ever tried Old Navy clothes? Or are you a running clothes brand whore like me and afraid to venture out of the brand bubble?



Fashion Fridays – Lululemon Edition!

13 Jan

I am excited to announce that going forward, every Friday I will be doing a fashion review on the blog. The fashion review will be focused towards some sort of fitness apparel, since this is a running blog! However that doesn’t mean other fashion items won’t be sneaking their way into these reviews.

So, Fashion Friday Volume One, let’s go!

Lululemon – Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve

I purchased the Run: Swiftly Tech Short Sleeve top in October for the Rock ‘n Roll half marathon. Since that race, I have worn the top to kick boxing class, and bootcamp.


The top is great! It is lightweight, and breathable. It also is a great moisture-wicking fabric, therefore you can wear it in hot weather alone, or cold weather as a layered item. It is soft, long, durable, and moves great with your body, which makes it a perfect top to wear to bootcamp/kick boxing class.

Yep, you have seen this top before!


It is hard to think of too many cons for this shirt, other than the fact that it is a little pricey ($58).

The only negative thing I have to say about this top is the fact that it rides up a bit when I am wearing it. This issue could possibly be corrected if I got a larger size, but I have yet to try one.

Should you buy one?

Yes! I already plan on adding more colors of this top to my running collection, and possibly the long sleeve version if I can save some money. It is a great top, and so far seems very durable after the many loads of laundry it has been through.

And a little fashion bonus…

I doubt you could notice, but the most fabulous part of my outfit above are the Kate Spade earrings I am wearing. I always try to add a little pizazz to my outfit, and when I’m working out it’s no different.

A big thank you to my wonderful friend Brianna who gave me these awesome earrings for Christmas!

Thank you, Brianna!!!

Wishing everyone a fabulous Friday!

Until next time,


A Fabulous Chicago Weekend!

21 Nov

First of all, I apologize for being away so long! Last week was quite busy at work, with running, and with life in general. But hey, I would much rather be busy than bored!

I just had a fabulous weekend in Chicago, and would love to tell you about it.

Saturday morning, my mom and I headed to Chicago from KC. My Aunt Holly was driving up from Louisville to meet us. We all arrived and got settled in around 11am. First stop would be eating (with a drink as well) at Frontera Grill.

Nothin like a little Mexican food! (And margs)

Following an amazing lunch, we hit Michigan Avenue and shopped. We shopped and shopped, and then it was time to get ready for dinner. Saturday night we had dinner at MK (my pick) and stuffed ourselves with some amazing food. If you are ever in Chicago, go to MK for dinner. And do the tasting menu with wine pairing, it made the dinner. Following dinner, it was time for bed!

How many wine glasses can you count?


Stuffed and happy

Sunday morning kicked off with a 5 mile run (for me). The weather was perfect and I was feeling great. I am pretty sure the Garmin was being funky though..because it read that I ran a 7:30 first mile. I mean, maybe I did – but after 5 glasses of wine the night before I wasn’t quite sure how the run would go! Halfway through the run I stopped and took some pics. They don’t do the city justice to how beautiful of a day it was.

Not sunny, but still lovely!

Following the run, we got ready and went to the Sunday Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues. It was the best Church service I have ever been to – what an experience!!

Amen! They could sing.

The rest of Sunday was reserved for shopping. And boy did we shop. Most exciting purchases of the day included a Christmas outfit from Ann Taylor, two pairs of Tory flats from Bloomie’s and some great steals at Banana. Let’s just say that by the end of the day, my shopping high was through the roof. Seriously, it was hard to contain my excitement from the purchses!

Shopped till we dropped!

After a LONG day of shopping, we needed some Chicago style pizza at Giordano’s. And it was good.

Who wants to guess the calorie count?

Monday morning, it was time to leave. We had breakfast at Corner Bakery and made a last minute trip Nordstrom. I got quite the amazing Christmas gift there, but I can’t really talk about right now since it isn’t Christmas yet! I will give you hint though – PETA would not be happy with me. 

A 6 hour car ride, and we were back to Louisville. We have a full week ahead, full of Thanksgiving preparations. Running a marathon the weekend after Thanksgiving might not have been the best idea….But I will make it work!

I hope that everyone reading also had a fabulous weekend. I promise to be a much better blogger this week.

Until next time, xo!


What did you do this weekend?

13 Nov

Hi there, and happy Sunday to you!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun and exciting worth sharing?

My weekend was great, and let me tell you – I am still on a total runners high. Why? Because I ran 22 freaking miles on Saturday!!! Now I will tell you ALL about it!

This run included my running buddies (and amazing friends) Stacy and Dianna. Stacy and I started with 4 miles on our own since Diana only needed to run 18 (did I just say “only” when referencing 18 miles?). After the 4 miles start, we all began our running adventure! We decided to make the run fun (Nicole- remember our HS “fun runs”?) and go from Stacy’s house to my parents house. It was a little over 17 miles round trip, so it worked out perfect.

The run started off slow, and gradually picked up. My legs were a little sore from the insane running throughout the week, but felt much better the second half of the run. And then out of nowhere I really just got a little burst of energy. Our last few miles we were booking it. And the run wrapped up with an 8 minute mile on #22. I was pretty proud of that. I hope I have this same energy at the marathon!

Look, proof that I did it!

I loved how happy I felt all day following the run. As I said earlier, I am still on my runners high. It is crazy to think just how far 22 miles is, and that I ran it. This 22 mile run really helped me to be confident for the marathon. I know I can add on that extra 4.2 with no problem, and I cannot wait to do it. In 21 days, I get to call myself a marathon runner 🙂

One other great thing from the weekend, these new tory burch flats I received. Aren’t they just FAB?

Hello, lovely!

Wishing everyone a great week ahead!



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