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A week of Blissful snacks

17 Jul

A couple weeks ago, a fellow blogger Nicole (and girl I love to follow on Instagram) sent me some of her granola and boost bites to try.

Love the packaging!

Love the packaging!

At first, I was skeptical. These products are completely natural in every way. Gluten free, dairy free, gmo free, kosher, etc. With all that healthiness, there is no way that they taste good…right?


Everything I tried, I loved. The granola was awesome and I especially loved the bites. The granola was a daily snack in my greek yogurt. One small packet equaled 3 servings for me, so I could really stretch a bag if I measured it out in advance. And the bites made for a perfect 10am or 3pm snack (those are my daily snacking times).

maple nut crunched mixed in plain Fage Greek yogurt.

maple nut crunched mixed in plain Fage Greek yogurt.

As I said above, these snacks are super healthy. I usually avoid buying granola and pre-made granola bars because of all the extra stuff you get in them. But with Blissful eats, I was snacking guilt free. The bites pack 1/4c fruit, 4g protein and 2g fiber per serving. And the granola is full of nuts, seeds, and good fats.

My favorite flavor in the bites was the chocolate flavor. And my favorite granola was the maple nut crunch.

Want to try some too? Thought so.

Check out Blissful Eats on Amazon and on Nicole’s website.

And if you want a great discount, go to blissful-eats.com and enter “miles15” at checkout.

What is your go-to snack during the day? Have you every tried Blissful Eats?





Weighed Down

23 Oct

Lately, I have become a little obsessive about my weight.

I have NEVER been someone to be crazy about the number on a scale, until I read a blog post from a fellow runner, and an article in Runner’s World about the importance of “race weight”.

After I read these blogs and articles, I sat there and started reflecting over the last year. I know that I have not been watching the food and drinks that I put into my body like I should. I also now know that I currently weigh more than I ever have (even more than I did when I was in my beer drinking, pizza eating years of college). Think those two items are related? You bet they are.

So why didn’t I watch what I was eating? “Well duh! I am training for a marathon! I can eat whatever I want!”

So that thinking right there, so WRONG. And I learned that the hard way last week when I stepped on a scale for the first time in months.

When I saw the number that appeared, I about had a meltdown (ok, I did have a meltdown). Yeah, I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty, because I have noticed that my body seems a little different than it did a few years ago, and shorts don’t fit me like they used to. But I wasn’t expecting the number that appeared.

The number on that scale was 12 pounds heavier than it was when I ran my first half marathon 4 years ago (still my PR to this day – 1:34).

See those itty bitty size zero shorts?? Yeah…I can’t get into those anymore.

Now I am in a total freak out mode that I am going to ruin my chances of PR’ing the NYC marathon and running under a 3:30 because I weigh too much. Can my body carry that extra weight 26.2 miles under an 8 minute pace? Did I run my 13.1 PR of 1:34 years ago because I was so thin?

I know it isn’t smart to diet before a race, but I have been paying attention to what food I put into my mouth for the first time in a year. I have been making much smarter choices (no pizza, no fried food, nothing with gravy), and not going back for seconds. I have also cut out all alcohol except on the weekends (I used to drink a glass of wine every night). With these habits, I hope to see the number on the scale drop a few pounds before I run NYC. Which will also relieve some of my stress about the situation.


This post is in no way asking for people to tell me, “You are so skinny, you should love yourself” blah blah blah. I know I am skinny, but I am not happy with myself relative to where I have been in the past.

The point of this post is to get feedback from other runners and athletes on their thoughts about “race weight”, how they trim down before a race, and also how they keep themselves feeling full during training (I am ALWAYS starving!).

Please share any thoughts and tips you have. I always love to hear from you all!!



I will make one positive comment – although I weigh the most than I ever have, I am also the happiest than I have ever been 🙂

This is Miles with Style

23 Jan

I recently received an opportunity to audition for a national online magazine publication. They wanted to know who I am, what my story is, and what interests my readers. This post is my audition to be a part of this publication, and to share my thoughts, opinions and views with many other people!

So who is Ali and what is MileswithStyle.com all about? Well, keep reading and you will find out!

The Story, The Readers and The Posts

The fitness story behind MileswithStyle.com is a short and sweet one. I have always enjoyed being active, and love the results I see from it. Whether those results include winning an age group in a race, being a happier person, or squeezing into a pair of skinny jeans, I love being active. And I also love the fitness fashion that comes along with it.

The readers of MileswithStyle.com enjoy the positive messages, and relevant content posted on my blog. I understand that we all lead busy lives full of crazy commitments and time constraints. Some days you cannot invest an hour into a workout routine, but that doesn’t mean you cannot make better choices in other areas of your life. I love encouraging others, and helping them to realize that they can live an active and healthy life too. To me, a happy life is a balanced life.

The most popular posts on MileswithStyle.com are those related to fitness fashion. My readers know the importance of workout attire that is both functional and fashionable. I am here to help them find these fashion gems. I believe that the right workout attire can make a difference in your workout routines, not only physically but also mentally. Whether you’re looking for clothes to wear in your marathon, or clothes to wear to boot camp class, you can find a review of the right product for you on this blog. I am a firm believer in the look good – feel good concept. I often listen to others talk about what they wish they had in a workout outfit, and strive to find it for them.

So why should you read my blog and listen to what I have to say? It is simple. I understand who you are as a reader of this blog, and what you are looking for. I know you enjoy relevant material that can be tied into your everyday life, conveying practical suggestions and positive communications. I also know that you recognize the role fitness fashion can play in your life. After all, this blog was not named Miles with Style for nothin’!

Please join me (or kindly continue to stay with me) on my blogging journey!


Fashion Fridays – I’m on a Budget

20 Jan

Welcome to the second installment of Fashion Fridays! The first one was such a success (page view wise), that I decided this weekly post will be the new norm for Friday!

I, along with many other people, am on a budget. Last week I featured a Lululemon top, which was a little pricey. This week I decided to post a budget friendly item, that almost anyone could purchase for their fitness wardrobe!

Old Navy Compression Tank Top

I will admit it, I am a total brand whore when it comes to running clothes. The pricier the outfit, the faster I think it will make me run.

This weekend I was out shopping, and decided to make a stop in Old Navy. I have been seeing their active wear commercials on TV, and thought it might be something worth trying. I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon this striped top, and it was on sale for $10!

I love wearing tanks to run in and in boot camp class. I get really hot when I have sleeves on, especially when working out inside or in the heat. This top was a dry fit material, which is perfect for a warm workout.

The top came with extra padding in the bust, however I removed these first thing. I always wear another sports bra under my running tops (unless it is a Lulu top), so I didn’t need the extra padding. It was a little large around my stomach, but that was ok seeing that I was wearing it at boot camp. Less clothing huggage, less I notice the results from donuts.

Overall, the top was comfy, and cozy. Not once did it annoy me during the workout, and I also managed to snag some compliments in between plank sets.

Should you buy one?

YES! For the price alone, this top is worth purchasing. It was just as comfortable and easy to wear as my pricey running tops, but one fifth the cost.

Anyone who is looking to refresh their running and workout wardrobe with cute clothes (which I would highly recommend), please head to Old Navy. The prices are amazing, and the clothes are cute.

Have you ever tried Old Navy clothes? Or are you a running clothes brand whore like me and afraid to venture out of the brand bubble?



Let’s Get Lean, GNC Lean!

11 Jan

Recently, I received a set of GNC Lean Shake products to try out. Seeing that I got back into my workout routine this week, I decided it was the perfect time to dive into the product.

Included in my product set from GNC were the following:

Lean Shake – Powder
Lean Shake – Pre-made
On-The-Go Deluxe Blender

Lean Shake – Powder

The Lean Shake powder I have is Swiss Chocolate flavored. As a choc-o-holic I was very happy that this was the flavor I was sent. I also knew that the chocolate would be a great flavor to mix fruit in.

I got out my new On-The-Go blender (see below) and started mixing. The container calls for two scoops of powder, mixed with 8oz of cold water. Total calories: 180, Total Protein: 8g, Total Fiber: 8g Total Carbs: 30g, Total Sugar: 5g.

I decided to add a little oomph to mine, so I added some frozen strawberries to my water and powder and started blending. In only about 30 seconds of blending my breakfast was ready! I poured it in a cup, and hit the road (I love that it was the perfect consistency to drink from a straw).

The shake tasted amazing! It was like having dessert for breakfast! Seriously, when the shake was gone, I got sad! Then I started looking forward to tomorrow’s breakfast so I could have another 🙂

So did it ward off my hunger? Yes! I made it until lunch time (about 4 hours later) until I felt like it was time to eat again.

Lean Shake – Pre-made

The powder was so yummy, and I was very excited to try to pre-made shake for breakfast today. In my wonderful package from GNC, there was a 4-pack of pre-made Lean Shakes.

The pre-made version of the Lean Shake was Lactose Free, and had 24 vitamins and minerals! Total Calories: 170, Total Protein: 25g, Total Fiber: 3 g Total Carbs:6g, Total Sugar: 2g.

I grabbed the shake on my way out the door, and took a big drink. WOW – it was amazing.

The pre-made version was a thicker consistency than the powder/water version would be, had I not added strawberries. I liked the thicker consistency though. I also noticed that the pre-made warded off my hunger a little bit longer than the powder version did. I credit that to the additional grams of protein in this version.

On-The-Go Blender Deluxe

The item I received that I was most excited to try, was the GNC On-The-Go Blender Deluxe.

My first go at using this blender was to mix the powder shake with the frozen strawberries. I dumped my three ingredients into the blender cup, flipped it over and started blending!

As stated above, it only took about 30 seconds to completely blend the strawberries, powder and water together. I have used some blenders that took about 4 times that long, so I considered this a great success!

Final Review

Overall, I loved all the products I tried. And I am very happy that I have a month supply of the powder, 3 more pre-made shakes and my blender.

The only thing I would wish to change would be to add more protein to the powder, and reduce the carbs. It does confuse my why the pre-made version has over double the protein, and far less carbs. I would also like to add more fiber to the pre-made version. It seems that the trade-off between the powder and pre-made are related to the protein/fiber/carb content. Seeing that the pre-made version is more expensive per serving than the powder is, I will probably not use that one as much (I’m on my New Year budget).

I have always held a very good opinion of GNC products, and I will continue to do so. I look forward to *hopefully* try and review more of their products in the future!



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