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Marvelous Mondays – January 21st

21 Jan

Hello again! I can’t believe this is the second post of Monday! Boy am I productive!

It has been a LONG time since I did a Marvelous Monday post, and I really miss them.

For my new readers – Marvelous Monday posts are just simple little posts where I talk about things that will make my week great. It is also my way of duping myself into being excited for the long week ahead until the weekend hits!

Here we go!

I got a frother.

photo 3

I am obsessed with my frother I purchased this weekend from Bed Bath and Beyond. Now with my awesome frother, I can make awesome lattes!

I am wearing red pants.

photo 2

I got these red pants a few months ago from Gap Outlet. I never really knew how to wear them, but I think I mastered the look today.

I will mention that it is only 20 degrees outside and my feet are freezing. This outfit might be a little better for the spring, but it is still cute.

The Bachelor is on tonight.

photo 1

I am always a HUGE fan of The Bachelor, and have been watching every season since it began. I have a group that gets together each week and we watch it together!

This year to make things even more fun, I entered a Bachelor confidence pool. It is basically fantasy football for the Bachelor!!!

The DEG Holiday Party is this weekend!

My company does their holiday party in January each year, pretty much because everyone here is too busy during the actual holidays.

This year, the theme is Speak Easy. And I got an awesome dress to wear! It was on sale at White House Black Market!


And for the first time in 3 years, I will have a date at the party!!! Woohoo!!!


Well, this sums up my week! Anything you want to share about what will make your week great??



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