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Seasonal Rage Disorder

27 Mar

I decided that I have recently acquired Seasonal Rage Disorder.

It is like the Seasonal Depression Disorder, only instead of having the side affects that one would think correlate to depression, I am having the side affects of someone with lots of rage. And I mean, LOTS of RAGE!!!!

The cause?

Well that is easy. It is the NEVER ENDING WINTER THAT WON’T GO AWAY!!!!!

I am always one of those people who gets so excited for the first (and even second and third) snowfalls of the season. I actually have always considered myself one of those weird people that don’t mind when winter is coming.

But right now, I am going freaking crazy with this weather. And when the weather people announce that we are expecting another storm with MORE snow and MORE ice and MORE cold winds, I want to punch frosty in the face.

Yes, I realize that it is “officially” spring, but I refuse to call it spring until the weather starts behaving that way.

3-27-2013 8-33-34 AM

When I got home from my run this morning and I was feeling all sorts of anger from the cold weather, I put together a top 10 list of reasons why I hate winter weather and our current situation.

It is negative and grouchy, but it is how I feel.

Here we go….

1. Constantly slipping on ice and nearly falling on my ass. This morning, I actually almost fell into a storm drain.

2. Hour long commutes to work. I swear, people see snow on the ground and drive like idiots.

3. What does sunshine even look like? And where did I put all my sunglasses since I haven’t been wearing them?

4. My Girls on the Run girls are totally over running laps inside a tiny classroom. That small space will NOT help them to train for a 5k. I would guess maybe (and I mean maybe) 50 laps is a mile.

5. Stuck on the treadmill. Enough said there.

6. Wearing the same damn sweaters over and over and over. My spring clothes are being neglected.

7. Hands so dry they actually start bleeding.

8. My nose is ALWAYS running!

9. Constant shivering.

10. Looking like Ralphie from A Christmas Story every time I attempt a run outside. Or actually every time I go outside for any reason.


Thank you for listening to me. I actually feel a little better already. And if you have tips on handling winters that won’t go away and miserable weather, can you let me know???

Wishing you a good week ahead. And I PROMISE the next post will be happier. Unless of course, we get another blizzard between now and then.



Negative Self Talk Sucks.

20 Jan

Last season at Girls on the Run, we had a lesson about negative self talk. And we discussed how girls are particularly bad at this behavior.

Negative self talk is just like it sounds – telling yourself negative things you believe to be true. And for us girls, most negative self talk revolves around the way we look.

“I’m not pretty enough”, “I’m not skinny enough”, “My thighs are too big”, “My hair is too short”, etc.

The reason why I am telling you about this, is because yesterday I had a very bad negative self talk day. And it all began in the fitting room at Lululemon.

My boyfriend and I stopped by Lulu so I could buy some new treats to replace items I had returned for Christmas. I stepped into the fitting room, and tried on some of those tight booty shorts. I thought they would be good for spin.

Well…..that was a big mistake. I couldn’t even step foot out of the room in those babies. I was appalled. I was starting at my legs in disgust, and could not stop looking at spots of cellulite on my thighs. How did I run 10 miles that morning, and have cellulite on my legs?!?

The above situation was step one of the breakdown. After this, I started staring at myself in the mirror even more, and noticed two lovely blemishes smack dab on my forehead.

So the count for negative self talk comments now stands at 2.
1. Cellulite
2. Acne

Then it got worse.

I finally gathered the courage to walk out of the fitting room wearing a striped tank, and running tights. I wanted to get some feedback from the boyfriend and see if he liked it.

So his response?

“I like the pants, but I am not sure the stripes on that tank are quite your thing”.

Yeah….that sent me over the edge.

Now I was battling cellulite, acne and unflattering stripes. And my poor boyfriend was just trying to be helpful when he told me the truth (now he has learned to first find out if I like it, then offer an opinion).

I got dressed (after starting at the cellulite again), and stormed out the of fitting room. Ramsey was semi oblivious and asked if I was ready.

“No, I am NOT ready! Because I have to find a top that flatters me!!!!”.

Whoa. I just snapped at my boyfriend in Lulu, after having a meltdown in the fitting room. What an eventful afternoon.

Finally, I pulled myself together, stopped pouting, and picked out another top that was “my thing”. Then I came clean to Ramsey about why I was freaking out. Of course he was supportive as always, and told me all the reasons why I have n0thing to worry about. It was sweet.

He is so amazing. He will give me a pep talk, AND photoshop my zits out of our pictures!!!

He is so amazing. He will give me a pep talk, AND photoshop my zits out of our pictures!!!

Moral of this story: Negative self talk sucks. It is not productive, and not beneficial. It is also very unhealthy. And I must find a way to overcome it.

I am always good at talking my friends off a ledge when they are feeding their brains with negative self talk, and I am also good at teaching my Girls on the Run girls that they should not be critical of themselves. But for some reason when it comes to me, sometimes I just can’t get those bad thoughts out of my head.

Today, I am much better and feeling quite happy. But I know that it’s only a matter of time until the negative self talk comes back, and I have another meltdown (hopefully not in a Lulu fitting room!!).

At breakfast this morning with my Mom and Aunt, sporting my new Lulu pullover.

At breakfast this morning with my Mom and Aunt, sporting my new Lulu pullover.


Now I ask you – how do you deal with negative self talk?

And how do you love yourself for everything you are, instead of focusing on the things you are not?



Girls on the Run is SO Much FUN!

27 Nov

Last summer, I made the decision to be a Girls on the Run Coach. I’ve wanted to be involved with this program for years, and I finally took the plunge and applied. I was thrilled when I heard back that I would be a coach for the fall season of Girls on the Run!

From September through the beginning of November, I devoted every Tuesday and Thursday evening to 14 girls, ages 8 – 11. We learned about loving ourselves, discussed good decision making and ran our hearts out. We also had a TON of fun while doing it.

I cannot say enough about how amazing the Girls on the Run program is. The curriculum was great, the workout plans were effective, and the girls always had fun.

The St. Mary’s GOTR coaches

The girls were so great at encouraging their teammates.

The girls were so great at encouraging their teammates. And they loved their scrunchies I made them!

Not only did the Girls on the Run program benefit these girls, but it also benefited me.

If I had a hard day before practice, these girls were able to turn my frowns upside down. They made me smile, they made me laugh, and they just plain made me happy. Never did I not look forward to going to practice. In fact, I was really sad when the season ended.

These two were such sweeties!!!

The Girls on the Run season ends with a 5k in which all the Girls on the Run programs around the Kansas City area get together and run. There are so many girls there, and everyone is happy and excited.

I loved seeing all my girls at the 5k and witness the pride on their face as they crossed that finish line.

So proud to complete her 5k!

We had 3 Ali’s (4 including me) in our group! We all had a bond 🙂

One of my best helpers at practice.


I already look forward to next season, and hope that I get to coach some of the same girls again.

If you have ever thought about coaching, I urge you to move forward and apply online to be a coach. I promise, you won’t regret the decision.




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