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A Year in Review: 2011

4 Jan
One of my Twitter friends recently asked a question. It was: “If you could use one word to describe your 2011, what would it be?”. I quickly replied with: Happiness.

2011 was a wonderful year filled with many memories worth noting. Below is a month by month snapshot of my favorite memories of 2011. Please excuse the delay in writing this blog post.


January was a cold and snowy month in Kansas City. January brought me to St. Louis for my dear friends Lindsey and Joe’s engagement party.

All of Lindsey's Ladies, minus Kara


The month of LOVE! In February, Zack and I took a trip to Louisville, KY. This was Zack’s first meeting with my family that lives there. What a wonderful weekend we had!

At the Jim Beam Distillery


March was a crazy busy month for me! In March I ventured to Texas to visit Zack, then hit up Louisville to see my family and topped off the month with a fantastic trip to NYC!

My first time riding a horse in Louisville!!!

Aunt Holly and I outside of 'Catch me if You Can'


April is my birthday month! In April I celebrated a few other birthdays with friends, and then celebrated my own. Easter was also a highlight of the month, and I was happy to spend that weekend with my family and Zack!

Yes, sometimes I wear extensions.

Bridget looks right at home...


In May I got to see my parents new getaway home they had been working so hard on. The home is amazing and the view is even better!! I also took a trip to Texas in May to visit Zachary!

This is what you see from their front porch


What a month June was!! It started with a trip to Boston for work, that also included quite a lot of fun! Then I went to Key West with Zack’s family to celebrate his parents 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Boston Harbor in the morning, so peaceful!

Sunset Cruise in Key West, FL

I swam with the sweetest Dolphin, Santini!


July brought me to California for my first ever visit to the state! My best friend Nicole lives there now, so a trip was in order. I went over the 4th of July weekend and we had the best time in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach!!

In July I also ventured to the Lake of the Ozarks with Eileen, Louisville to see my Cousins and St. Louis for Lindsey and Joe’s wedding shower.

We climbed a mountain, in skirts!!!

We LOVE wine!

I had the most relaxing Friday of my life in Louisville with a Skinny Girl Marg and To Kill a Mockingbird

We were oh so tan!


August took me to Chicago for Lindsey’s Bachelorette party. Such a fun weekend. I also took a trip to Lawrence, KS in August to celebrate Zack’s BFF’s birthday.

Lindsey's Ladies!


Fun Friends


September was another busy month in my life. It began with me running my frist 10K race, and getting 2nd place right behind Stacy!!

Next up for September was a trip to Indianapolis for #ET11. We saw Katy Perry and partied our butts off.

To round out the month Lindsey and Joe got married! It was the most beautiful wedding. Remember the bouquet toss?

We made a podium.

DEG after Katy Perry

Some BM's

Party Central


In October, I started this blog!! I also co-hosted a “sprinkle” for Brianna and Baby Girl Bruening #2, met Reese Bruening, ran a half marathon- Rock ‘n Roll STL, and celebrated Halloween as a devil-angel!

Ready to Pop!

A little princess whom I love so much!

How cute are these shirts that Stacy made??

ohhhh scary! Espcially scary is that pleather dress I'm wearing....


In November I signed up and committed to run my very first marathon!!! November was full of training, hard. November also took me to Chicago for a girls weekend with Mom and Aunt Holly and Louisville for Thanksgiving.

So much fun!

The best family ever.

I am TERRIFIED of mascots!!!! (At Churchill Downs)


2011 ended with the best month of all for me. In December, I experienced one of my greatest life accomplishments – I ran a marathon. I also qualified for Boston at that marathon!!!

Christmas came in December, as did time with family and friends.

We ran 26.2 in the pouring down rain.

My biggest cheerleader!

BFF Nicole came home for Christmas!

Bridget turned two and celebrated another Christmas!

My Mom had this made for me - amazing!

Ringing in the New Year with perfect company!


2012 – Here We Come!

2011 was such an amazing year. It is hard to believe that 2012 could top it, however I have a feeling it will. I have many plans ahead for the new year, and can’t wait to share them all with you on future posts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my fabulous year, and to everyone that will make 2012 just as special.



It’s All About Balancing!

12 Dec

Well, the most wonderful time of the year is among us! I look forward to Christmas every year and love the holiday season so much.

Without sounding like Scrooge though, there are two things about the holiday’s that I don’t care for. These things are the inevitable holiday pounds and getting completely out of shape. But this year I am determined to not deal with either one of these things, and I am about to declare my plan!


I am a strong believer that living a happy and full life is all about balancing things. I will never be someone who is über healthy and doesn’t indulge when I want to. And I really don’t like people telling me that in order to be “healthy” and “fit” I need to cut the alcohol and only eat food from Nature’s Pantry (a local natural foods store).

This holiday season I am going to work on balancing better, and this will prevent me from getting out of shape and gaining the normal winter weight. So how am I going to do this?? Well let me tell ya!


I realize that I need a break from running following the marathon, however I am not going sit on my booty and do nothing. That is not an option. I plan to continue running, hopefully 4 days a week. My running distances will be short though, probably around 3 miles each. I have also been trying to start some workout videos. My favorite videos have always been the 8 minute series – abs/arms/buns/legs. These videos are so short though, so please let me know if you have others that you would suggest to me.


I have the most insane sweet tooth ever. It is so bad that I actually think I have a sugar addiction. When I start, I cannot stop. The goal for this holiday season is to not indulge with the sweets too much. It would be just plain cruel to deprive myself completely, so this season the goal will be portion control. When placed at a table with cookies, cakes, and carbs galore, I will be good and only have a small portion. I will allow myself to taste everything, just not in big spoonfuls.

Now let’s talk alcohol. I love wine. I also love some beer if the timing is right. To reduce the amount of calories I intake with alcohol, I will only drink when necessary. If I have a bad day at work, I will give myself a glass of wine. If I am out with my girlfriends, I will give myself a couple glasses of wine. But I will not drink if there is not a reason to drink. Examples of this would be if I am just sitting at home bored.


So this is my plan. What do you think? Do you have faith that I can do it? I sure hope so!

I would also accept any suggestions you could send my way. However if these suggestions are going to un-balance my life, save ’em for someone else!

Wishing everyone a happy few weeks to come!



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