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Seasonal Rage Disorder

27 Mar

I decided that I have recently acquired Seasonal Rage Disorder.

It is like the Seasonal Depression Disorder, only instead of having the side affects that one would think correlate to depression, I am having the side affects of someone with lots of rage. And I mean, LOTS of RAGE!!!!

The cause?

Well that is easy. It is the NEVER ENDING WINTER THAT WON’T GO AWAY!!!!!

I am always one of those people who gets so excited for the first (and even second and third) snowfalls of the season. I actually have always considered myself one of those weird people that don’t mind when winter is coming.

But right now, I am going freaking crazy with this weather. And when the weather people announce that we are expecting another storm with MORE snow and MORE ice and MORE cold winds, I want to punch frosty in the face.

Yes, I realize that it is “officially” spring, but I refuse to call it spring until the weather starts behaving that way.

3-27-2013 8-33-34 AM

When I got home from my run this morning and I was feeling all sorts of anger from the cold weather, I put together a top 10 list of reasons why I hate winter weather and our current situation.

It is negative and grouchy, but it is how I feel.

Here we go….

1. Constantly slipping on ice and nearly falling on my ass. This morning, I actually almost fell into a storm drain.

2. Hour long commutes to work. I swear, people see snow on the ground and drive like idiots.

3. What does sunshine even look like? And where did I put all my sunglasses since I haven’t been wearing them?

4. My Girls on the Run girls are totally over running laps inside a tiny classroom. That small space will NOT help them to train for a 5k. I would guess maybe (and I mean maybe) 50 laps is a mile.

5. Stuck on the treadmill. Enough said there.

6. Wearing the same damn sweaters over and over and over. My spring clothes are being neglected.

7. Hands so dry they actually start bleeding.

8. My nose is ALWAYS running!

9. Constant shivering.

10. Looking like Ralphie from A Christmas Story every time I attempt a run outside. Or actually every time I go outside for any reason.


Thank you for listening to me. I actually feel a little better already. And if you have tips on handling winters that won’t go away and miserable weather, can you let me know???

Wishing you a good week ahead. And I PROMISE the next post will be happier. Unless of course, we get another blizzard between now and then.



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