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Listening to my body

11 Nov

The past few days, I have felt tired and worn out.

Last night, I posted my training update. If you read it, you know that I had a couple runs that I just wasn’t feeling it.

Yesterday morning, I was planning to run 12 400’s at 5k pace. I went to bed Sunday already dreading this workout and wondering if I should do it. My leg was hurting and I just didn’t feel good. And in the back of my mind I knew it wasn’t a good idea.

So when my alarm went off on Monday morning, I hit snooze. Then I hit snooze again. And finally, I turned the thing off and went back to sleep.

Very rarely do I sleep through a run, especially when it is a hard workout that I know I won’t be able to make up later in the day. But this time around, I just could not get up. I swear that if someone told me that there was $1000 waiting at that track I would’ve still turned off the alarm.

Normally I would feel guilty and lazy all day for skipping my run. But this time it was different.

My body is tired. And the aches and the pains were screaming at me to take a day off, so I listened.

Sometimes these rest days are just as important to us as the speed workouts are. When training for a race we put our bodies through so much, and it is only fair to give it a little rest sometimes. I tell people all the time to listen to their bodies, and finally I decided to practice what I preach! I probably should’ve done this last week when I knew things were off, but I was just too crazy dedicated to the training plan allow it.

Hopefully this missed day gets me back on track and prepared to face my last week of training before taper starts!!

Are you good at listening to your body? Or are you like me and struggle with the guilt of taking a day off?



PTs, BBQs and Weddings

1 Jul

On Monday I started an adventure with my new Physical Therapist!

The mission: Get better by August, or at least feel better by August.

I’ve told everyone (that is willing to listen) about my hip/booty problems before. And finally I am doing something about it!!! I have been going to a Chiropractor for the pain the past 6 weeks, but decided I needed something more. My foot started hurting in a way I haven’t ever experienced, and that made me scared.

First step to recovery was to stop running and take it easy. I thought I would be miserable during my first week off, but it was actually pretty awesome. I loved having the time to do other fun workouts. And I loved just sleeping in if I wanted to. I always tell people, “listen to your body”, and I knew it was time for me to do that too!

After a week off, I felt better already. Which proved to me even more, I needed a BREAK!!!

Monday morning, I met with my new PT. The best part about the PT is that he came to my office to meet with me! One of the 1,000 perks about working at Hallmark is that we have a full clinic and I can do these kind of things at work. I love it.

We will be focusing on my hip pain this month and strengthening my muscles more. I have lots of exercises to do, but I am going to try my hardest to stay focused an on track with them.

Fingers crossed that I am feeling better by August so I can hit is hard for my next big racing adventure!! More to come there 🙂


We had another wedding last weekend, and it was a blast. It was one of those weddings where you wake up the next day sore from dancing so much. Brady and Molly – thank you for all the fun you gave us!

Love him!

Love him!


End of the night selfie….GO TO BED.

On Saturday I hosted all of my cousins at my house for a little family BBQ. Ramsey was a pro at the grill and I got to try a new burger recipe. I also made some amazing Key Lime pie.

King of the grill!

King of the grill!

And queen of the pie.

And queen of the pie.

And on Sunday I experimented and made black bean sliders. They were SO GOOD. I just heated up the Morningstar Farms black bean patties, added a slice of cheese, guacamole and put them on a roll. Ramsey got 3 rolls, I got 1. But even without the roll, these little guys were delicious.

Ramsey's plate.

Ramsey’s plate.

I am looking forward to a day off work on Friday to hang out with my family and celebrate the 4th.

Have you gone to a PT before? And what are you up to on the 4th??






What’s Next?!?

6 Jun

Since Boston, I have been thinking a lot about what’s next for me.

As everyone that knows me could attest – I love to run! So obviously running would is still a major part of my life. But how much running in my life is still TBD.

For the last couple years, I have been dealing with some hip/butt pain. The longer it is has gone on, the more it has affected other parts of my body. My hamstring has been hurting, and recently my foot has been hurting. It is crazy how everything is connected. After Boston, I decided it was time to do something about it. So I bit the bullet and went to therapy.

Therapy sucks. A lot. But it is making a difference. Each week, I feel stronger and less pain. The biggest obstacle for me is actually doing the exercises they give me. As I crawl in bed every night I remember, “crap! I didn’t do those dumb exercises”. So I pull my body back out of bed and get to work. My therapist told me I can still run and workout – which is awesome! But I need to be careful and not run as much or as hard.

I love that little electronic thing. Might have to go on my Christmas list!!!

I love that little electronic thing. Might have to go on my Christmas list!!!

Roll and drink. Roll and drink. You get the picture.

Roll and drink. Roll and drink. You get the picture.

Another big thing I have been dealing with is my asthma. It has always been there, but the last year it just seems to get worse. When I was talking to my Dr. about the issue I realized that in NYC I used my inhaler 4 times…at 4 hits each time. TOO MUCH. Then in Boston I added up that I used the darn thing 6 times…4 hits each time. WAY TOO MUCH. I hate admitting that asthma is a problem. But I recently realized that I must treat it like an injury. And if I don’t take care of it, it will also never get better. My Dr. put me back on every day meds for it, and it forcing me to take my inhaler every day, and every time I run, to see how much it makes a difference. I hate the idea of this, but like PT – it is something that needs to be done.

When I started thinking about my fall marathon, I realized after looking at a calendar I would have to start training in a month. I just didn’t feel like a month was enough time for me to heal my body, get stronger, and get healthier.

I decided that an early fall marathon would be out of the picture this year, and instead I will run a half. The half I will be racing is the KC Half Marathon. And I will finally be running as a Girls on the Run Soulmate! I am so excited for this adventure and to raise money for a cause I believe in so much. I also love the KC half, and couldn’t imagine not running it. Depending on how I feel this summer, I might try to break my 1:34 PR (finally!!).

As for a Fall full marathon…right now it is looking like a December race. As soon as my friends pull the trigger on the St. Judes Memphis marathon, I am in too! A race in December allows me to hold off on hard training until late summer, and really take care of my body.

This summer, I still plan to run 20-30 miles a week. But I will mainly be focusing on strengthening my body and getting healthy. I need this booty pain to subside and the breathing crap to heal. And the only way for that to happen is for me to focus on my therapy and my health. I will be doing tons of stretching and strength this summer, and a little cross training too! I will also follow Doctor’s orders and take all the medicine she tells me to…whether I like it or not.

Biking will be part of my cross training! Thanks for the awesome book Runners World!

Biking will be part of my cross training! Thanks for the awesome book Runners World!

I am excited to see how these things will impact my running performance and where my marathon time could possibly go if I decide the December race is for me!

Like I said – I will still run. And my next race is tomorrow at Hospital Hill – my other favorite KC race!! I will be running for fun, but still hope to push it a bit. After Hospital Hill my running schedule is pretty darn free. Which makes me happy…because I know it’s what’s best.

Are you prepping for any races this summer or fall? Have you dealt with an injury before that forced you to tone down the training?


A Run with a Tumble

13 Mar

If you have had any form of communication with me over the past week (phone, in person, text, facebook, twitter, dailymile, etc.) you know that I have a boo boo.

And you know that I have a boo boo because I have been complaining about it non-stop since last Wednesday (sorry friends).

If you have not been able to hear the story, or see the evidence of it on my body, keep reading…

The “Story”

Last Wednesday morning, I arrived at Diana’s house for a lovely 5am run. It was a recovery day, and we had 5 miles on the schedule.

We began our run through the neighborhood, chatting as usual and oblivious to our dark surroundings.

Then all of a sudden (.2 miles into the run), BAM!!!! And I was laying face down, sprawled out on the sidewalk. I continued to lay there moaning in pain, while Diana screamed, “OMG ALI! ARE YOU OK!?!?”.

It took a minute to figure out what the hell had just happened, but then I realized, and said to myself…“Ali, you just bit it. Hard. And right as a car was driving by. Stop moaning/crying, get your face off the sidewalk, and make sure you didn’t just rip your $98 Lululemon pants.”

As I peeled my body off the cold sidewalk, I started to really feel the pain. We began running again, and I hurt. Bad. At first, I couldn’t tell which part of my body hurt worse: hands, knee, hip, shoulder. By the end of the run it was clear…I could barely move my arm up and down…I had really done something bad to my shoulder.

As the day went on, the complaining/whining/pathetic-ness only got more annoying. And my shoulder hurt more and more.

The “Evidence

Now I know you are all just dying to see the photos from this disastrous event. So here you go…

This was taken 5 days, post fall. See that bruising? See it?

I wonder if people think I got a tattoo??

Ok, so maybe these photos don’t do it justice, but my arm still hurts really really bad. And I am going to continue to complain about this thing until the pain goes away and I don’t have to apply bandages and ointment numerous times a day.

Thank you for listening, and feeling sorry for me.


P.S. The $98 Lulu pants survived the fall without a snag. Thank goodness, because that would have been something worth crying about.

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