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Help Wanted: The Perfect Playlist

5 Dec

Hi friends!

I am happy to announce that I am feeling much better than I was yesterday when I posted about being sick and miserable. It seems that I have turned the corner and I am now on the road to recovery. I actually got out this morning and ran 4 miles, which felt incredible.

Anyway…onto the point of this post. 

I have decided that I will wear my iPod in the Dallas Marathon. I am not usually an iPod wearer in races, but this time around, I will be. First of all, I have no buddies to run with me and I might get a little lonely. Secondly, I think I will need the added motivation when I get to the hard miles. I have a big goal ahead of me, and will need all the extra help I can have to get me there!

So this is where I need your help.

I want YOU to give me songs to put on my perfect playlist.

It could be your favorite workout song, our favorite song together, or a song that you would just like me to listen to.

You can comment on this post with your song (please include your name if you want some credit), text it to me, tweet it, or Facebook it. I only ask that it’s upbeat and will take some of the 26.2 miles of pain off my mind!

(Last year, I saw Meggie do this before she ran a marathon and I thought it was genius. I told myself that I would totally be copying her idea when the time arrived. Thanks for the idea, Meggie!)

I look forward to hearing your choices and being able to think about you as I am conquering this race!!!

As always, thanks for the support!!




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