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Boston Marathon Training…It Has Begun!

21 Jan

This weekend, I ran my first official training run of my Boston Marathon training.

I will be running Boston this year with two of my incredible running buddies – Stacy and Diana. Stacy and I qualified December 2011 and Diana qualified September 2012. For Diana and I, this will be our first Boston. For Stacy, it will be her 2nd.

On Saturday morning, I met Emily, Diana and Stacy for a nice 10 mile run. We ran one of our familiar routes, and had some amazing chats during the run. Sometimes you just need to have some girlfriend time and talk to your friends about life!

We didn’t run fast for us (about a 9:40 pace), but we did have fun. And for Boston, our goal will be able to have FUN.

I won’t lie – I am not super stoked at the moment to run Boston. Of course I am excited for this amazing experience, but I am not excited about training for another marathon. My forever long training this fall has me a tad burnt out on the sport.

I love to run, but I don’t necessarily love to train. There is a huge difference between running when I want to, and running because I have to.

The Boston Marathon will be a fun race for me. And will be one I do to enjoy. No, I do not foresee PR’ing, but I do foresee having a ton of fun!

There will be many more posts to come about Boston. I look forward to sharing all of the experiences as well as ups and downs of training with you!



10 miles complete, with big smiles on our faces.

10 miles complete, with big smiles on our faces. Can you spy the “Boston Qualifier” sign behind us? Diana still has it in her yard. She is so proud and I love it!!!

Marathons are Like Relationships

13 Jan

Following my Dallas Marathon experience, I decided that marathons are like relationships.

So hear me out.

When you train for a marathon, you put your heart and soul into it, much like you do with a relationship. You devote many hours to it, and feel the negative effects when you neglect it.

You also spend insane amounts of time dreaming of the outcome of your hard work. For marathons it would be crossing the finish line in a PR, BQ or goal worthy time. For relationships it would be the wedding with the perfect white dress and gorgeous centerpieces.

And when marathons and relationships don’t go your way, the effects are felt almost the same.

Within the last year, I have been through a relationship that didn’t go my way, and two marathons that also didn’t go my way. And with both cases, I had similar feelings afterwards.

With my marathon I thought to myself, “Wow. I trained for this thing for 5 months, put every ounce of my body into it, and did not get close to the outcome that I desired.”

With my relationship I thought to myself, “Wow. I worked for months, poured my heart into it, wasted tears on it, spent many late nights devoted to it, and did not get the outcome I had thought would come.”

And then with both, I had the realization I would have to completely start over. Back to square one. Back to the drawing board.

When a marathon doesn’t go your way, you can’t just run another one the next weekend and get the outcome you had wanted (unless you are a running freak). When a relationship doesn’t go your way, you can’t just go on a blind date the following Saturday night and meet the person you’ll marry the next week (unless you are a celeb or you make really bad decisions).

In both cases, you have to come to terms with the fact that you will be starting over and the timeline of reaching your dream will be extended.

Someday, I will break 3:30 in my marathon. I am just not sure when that will be. My body and mind need time to recover from Dallas and process what it will take to work towards that goal again. Although I will be running the Boston Marathon in April, I am not sure an under 3:30 marathon is in the cards there.

And someday, I will wear my perfect white wedding dress and have the most perfect centerpieces that are talked about for years. I am well on my way to this dream, and my heart and mind tell me that I will never have to “start over” with this process again. ūüėČ

How do you deal with a marathon that doesn’t go your way? Or a relationship this doesn’t go your way? What helps you accept the fact that you have to start over?

Wishing you a great week ahead!!



A Santa Fe Getaway

22 Feb

Good evening! I had to take a little hiatus from the blog, but it was for a really good reason. I was on vacation!

I had been looking forward to this little Santa Fe getaway for the past month. I was going with my boyfriend Zack, and we had not seen each other since Christmas (long distance relationships…wahh wahh).

So are you ready to hear about the trip? Good. Here we go!!


On Thursday, I arrived in Texas to Zack’s lovely city he currently calls home.

We ran some errands, and packed up for our trip!


Around 10am, we hit the road and headed West.

It was about a 5 hour drive to Santa Fe, and a boring one at that. We decided to get an audio book to listen to, hoping it would help pass the time. Well, we got “Assholes Finish First”, by Tucker Max. I was actually the person to vote for this book, thinking it would be funny. It was funny…but also the most vulgar and inappropriate thing I have ever listened to!

At 3pm, we arrived in Santa Fe!

Cute little hotel.

After getting checked in the hotel, we headed out to walk around and get a little bite to eat.

Following our late lunch, we walked around the plaza so I could find some turquoise earrings (I wanted authemtic ones that Indians were selling off rugs in the plaza).


After our shopping trip, we headed back to the hotel and relaxed a bit.

Then it was time to hit the hotel bar. They had the most amazing cocktails at the bar, and I enjoyed this apple, lime, fruity vodka thing. Whoa.

Now this is vacation.

Dinner followed dinner at a New Meixcan style restaurant, then it was time to rest up for our big day on the slopes!


The alarm went off early Saturday, and we started prepping for the day ahead. After getting bundled up, it was time to brave the snow.

A lot of people are surprised by the fact that you can ski in Santa Fe. For some reason they think it would be really warm there. Well, it is not. It is actually pretty chilly!

A lovely drive up the mountain.

We have arrived!

I had not skied in 12 years. I was terrified that I would forget how to do it.

The moment of truth happened coming off our first lift. Would I remember? Would I fall? Would I cry?


Terrified but ready!

….I picked it right back up! I was actually shocked at how easily it all came back to me!

Zack boards, so we would go our separate ways at the top of the mountain and meet back up when he reached the bottom.



We had the best day skiing, and the mountain was so pretty and relaxing. We were exhausted after skiing all day, and it was time to head back to the hotel.

Back at the hotel, we rested and then prepared for dinner. Twitter friend Emily (@EmilyRatcliff) suggested an Italian restaurant, Il Piatto. Dinner was delicious, and such a cute and quaint little setting.



Sunday morning, we ate at a cute little cafe and decided it was time to go to Church.

We headed up to St. Francis Cathedral. It was really lovely!

Very historic

I made an Indian friend.

This photo does not do justice!

After we wrapped up at St. Francis, we went to the Loretto Chapel to look at the famous staircase.

This staircase is a “Miracle” because it was made by an unknown little carpenter man, and doesn’t have a nail anywhere in it. It is such a cool story…google it!

So much character.


One last stop was required before we headed home. I wanted an authentic turquoise ring to go with my new earrings. Zack was quite the sport as I drug him up and down the street looking for the perfect ring.

This time was well spent, because I found a ring that was right at home on my finger.

I HATE the way my hand looks in this photo. Have I heard of lotion?

After I found my new ring, we headed back to Texas.

The trip home was more of Tucker Max, and that obscene book. But it actually got pretty funny during the second half.

Now I am back home in Missouri. The weekend was great, and I plan to visit Santa Fe again.

Chat soon!




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A Day of LOVE

14 Feb

In honor of Valentines Day, I decided to write a post focused on LOVE. Specifically, all the things that I LOVE about my life.


My Family

Best Parents, brother, cousins, Aunts, Uncles and Granparents

My Friends

Loyal and faithful friends galore!

My Running Buddies

No way I would see all my successes without Stacy and Diana.

My Boyfriend

Far apart but always in my heart!

My Job

Where else can you wear awesome sweaters to the office?

My Shoe Collection

and this isn’t even all of them…

My Role as Aunt Ali (Awi,I E)

Reese, Bridget and Caden – always bringing me smiles and laughs.

My Running Ability

So thankful to have this ability come so easily to me.

All of these things that I love are what make my life happy and whole. They get me through bad days, and keeping me looking forward to the next day to come.

As the years go on, I expect this list to grow longer.

I hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day, and is able to spend it with someone they love, or doing something they love.



Marvelous Mondays – February 13th

13 Feb

Happy Monday!!!

How are ya? How was your weekend? Mine was super busy, but pretty darn good! I love starting my Monday’s by coming off a great weekend. It really helps me to set the tone for the week, and I have a feeling it is going to be a great week.

Here’s why:


Kansas City finally got its first real snow of the season. You would think we were experiencing the apocolypse by the way our newscasters were covering this 2 inch storm.

Most people around here hate snow, but I happen to really love it. I think it is pretty, and so relaxing to look at. It is not very conducive to outdoor running, but I was prepared and ran a rockin’ 5 miles yesterday.

The Bachelor

Tonight on the Bachelor, The other girls help Ben to see what’s up with Courtney. And from the previews it looks like he is semi-perceptive to the conversations.

Dear Ben, "Butt cuts" are not stylish or flattering. Why would ABC allow this 'do?

But let’s get real. Ben is a guy and will continue to think like a guy. Which means Courtney will stay. I am saying it right now…this B is going to win the show.

Valentines Day

I love love. And I have always been a fan of Valentines Day. Even though I won’t be with my special someone on Valentines Day, I still get to reflect on our love! (awwwww, so freaking cheesy).

It would be really awesome if someone bought me some candy hearts, because I won't buy them for myself, but I really want some.


The most exciting thing happening this week is a little vacation! I finally get to see Zack (It’s been since Christmas) this weekend, and we are taking a little road trip from his home in Texas to Santa Fe.

In Santa Fe we plan to ski. I think it sounds like a blast, and I am trying not to remind myself (or my boyfriend) that I have not skied since the 7th Grade.

This should be interesting…but I was a pretty stellar skier in the 7th grade. I went down a green slope fast. Surely skiing is like riding bike and I will pick up those pizza stops in no time.


In Santa Fe, I plan to take a little Runsploration. I haven’t been on one of these since my marathon in Dallas, and I pray I don’t get lost (that happened in Chicago once).

I also pray that I can convince my boyfriend to come with me…but I doubt this will happen because he is not a “distance runner”. Whatever. He just thinks I will beat him.


What are you excited about this week? Have any ski tips for me, or need my address to send me some candy hearts?

Have a great week, friends!!



A Year in Review: 2011

4 Jan
One of my Twitter friends recently asked a question. It was: “If you could use one word to describe your 2011, what would it be?”. I quickly replied with: Happiness.

2011 was a wonderful year filled with many memories worth noting. Below is a month by month snapshot of my favorite memories of 2011. Please excuse the delay in writing this blog post.


January was a cold and snowy month in Kansas City. January brought me to St. Louis for my dear friends Lindsey and Joe’s engagement party.

All of Lindsey's Ladies, minus Kara


The month of LOVE! In February, Zack and I took a trip to Louisville, KY. This was Zack’s first meeting with my family that lives there. What a wonderful weekend we had!

At the Jim Beam Distillery


March was a crazy busy month for me! In March I ventured to Texas to visit Zack, then hit up Louisville to see my family and topped off the month with a fantastic trip to NYC!

My first time riding a horse in Louisville!!!

Aunt Holly and I outside of 'Catch me if You Can'


April is my birthday month! In April I celebrated a few other birthdays with friends, and then celebrated my own. Easter was also a highlight of the month, and I was happy to spend that weekend with my family and Zack!

Yes, sometimes I wear extensions.

Bridget looks right at home...


In May I got to see my parents new getaway home they had been working so hard on. The home is amazing and the view is even better!! I also took a trip to Texas in May to visit Zachary!

This is what you see from their front porch


What a month June was!! It started with a trip to Boston for work, that also included quite a lot of fun! Then I went to Key West with Zack’s family to celebrate his parents 30th Wedding Anniversary.

Boston Harbor in the morning, so peaceful!

Sunset Cruise in Key West, FL

I swam with the sweetest Dolphin, Santini!


July brought me to California for my first ever visit to the state! My best friend Nicole lives there now, so a trip was in order. I went over the 4th of July weekend and we had the best time in Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach!!

In July I also ventured to the Lake of the Ozarks with Eileen, Louisville to see my Cousins and St. Louis for Lindsey and Joe’s wedding shower.

We climbed a mountain, in skirts!!!

We LOVE wine!

I had the most relaxing Friday of my life in Louisville with a Skinny Girl Marg and To Kill a Mockingbird

We were oh so tan!


August¬†took me to Chicago for Lindsey’s Bachelorette party. Such a fun weekend. I also took a trip to Lawrence, KS in August to celebrate Zack’s BFF’s birthday.

Lindsey's Ladies!


Fun Friends


September was another busy month in my life. It began with me running my frist 10K race, and getting 2nd place right behind Stacy!!

Next up for September was a trip to Indianapolis for #ET11. We saw Katy Perry and partied our butts off.

To round out the month Lindsey and Joe got married! It was the most beautiful wedding. Remember the bouquet toss?

We made a podium.

DEG after Katy Perry

Some BM's

Party Central


In October, I started this blog!! I also co-hosted a “sprinkle” for Brianna and Baby Girl Bruening #2, met Reese Bruening, ran a half marathon- Rock ‘n Roll STL, and celebrated Halloween as a devil-angel!

Ready to Pop!

A little princess whom I love so much!

How cute are these shirts that Stacy made??

ohhhh scary! Espcially scary is that pleather dress I'm wearing....


In November I signed up and committed to run my very first marathon!!! November was full of training, hard. November also took me to Chicago for a girls weekend with Mom and Aunt Holly and Louisville for Thanksgiving.

So much fun!

The best family ever.

I am TERRIFIED of mascots!!!! (At Churchill Downs)


2011 ended with the best month of all for me. In December, I experienced one of my greatest life accomplishments – I ran a marathon. I also qualified for Boston at that marathon!!!

Christmas came in December, as did time with family and friends.

We ran 26.2 in the pouring down rain.

My biggest cheerleader!

BFF Nicole came home for Christmas!

Bridget turned two and celebrated another Christmas!

My Mom had this made for me - amazing!

Ringing in the New Year with perfect company!


2012 – Here We Come!

2011 was such an amazing year. It is hard to believe that 2012 could top it, however I have a feeling it will. I have many plans ahead for the new year, and can’t wait to share them all with you on future posts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to my fabulous year, and to everyone that will make 2012 just as special.



I’m a Competitive Freak

9 Nov

and I have the photos to prove it. I have always known that I was a very competitive person, however it was really brought to my attention yesterday just how bad it is.

A little background before I dive into¬†the latest¬†story…

I have an obsession with catching bouquets at weddings. Obviously part of this obsession is because I would love to get married (hear that, Zacky?), but the other huge part is that I really really like winning competitions. I have some mad jumping skills (8th grade record holder in the high jump, thank you very much) and I have developed a strategy at catching these things (no, I won’t tell you what it is). To date, I have caught three bouquets at weddings (it should be 4 but I was totally screwed out of one bc I got knocked down by a girl even crazier than me) and I¬†expect this number to climb.

Now for the latest story…

My wonderful friend Lindsey got married in September (September 24th to be exact!), and I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in the wedding. Everything about her day was perfect, and the day/night couldn’t have been more fun.

The Stunning Bride!

All day I had been anticipating the bouquet toss. I wanted that thing, and I knew there would be some fierce competition vying for it as well. Some of the fierce¬†competition included my very good friend Kara (and fellow bridesmaid), whom I knew Lindsey would be targeting.¬†I warned Kara though that I would not be giving up without a fight. Of course she deserved it, but¬†we already¬†all know that she will be the next…well, I won’t say it out loud ūüôā

Then I heard the announcement “All single ladies, please head to the dance floor as Lindsey tosses her bouquet!”

Lindsey, you are so pretty!

I got in position, and then I saw the bouquet flying through the air.

There it goes!

Before I knew it, I was grasping the bouquet in my hands and fighting off my best friend (roommate, and fellow bridesmaid) Eileen.

I swear, we do love each other!

VICTORY!!! That thing was in my hands, and all the other girls at the wedding were looking at us like we were freaks.

"Ali you were NOT supposed to catch that!" Sorrrryyyyy


And this is how happy my boyfriend felt...

A message to the other competitors in the bouquet toss: I apologize if I stepped on, elbowed, or offended you with my behavior.
And last but not least, a message to anyone I face at the Dallas White Rock Marathon on December 4th: Bring it on.
Love Always!

Best Weekend Ever

31 Oct

I had the best weekend, and I want to tell you all about it!

 Thursday evening, my boyfriend Zack came into town for a weekend visit. I took the day off Friday so we could have lots of time together. First up on the Friday morning agenda was to go to Brianna’s (Zack’s sister) and see his nieces.

Sweet Reese!


Beautiful Bridget!

 After a perfect morning with the cutest little girls in town, we headed downtown to shop for costumes and see Paranormal Activity 3 (scarrry). Next stops included dinner with family, a trip to the haunted houses and  a night cap at a (very smoky) local  bar.

6 hours before I was running 18 miles...

¬†Saturday morning came WAY too fast and it was time for me to run my longest distance ever ‚Äď 18 miles! Stacy and I started at a pretty slow pace and it felt good. I could still feel the pain from last Sunday‚Äôs half marathon though. By mile 12 I was really getting sore, especially in my booty and hammy‚Äôs. The last 6 miles went by pretty slow‚ĶI am praying that the next long run isn‚Äôt as hard as that one was. However that one will definitely include proper hydration and 8 hours of sleep the night before.

¬†Following the run, Zack and I had a BIG breakfast and watched some scary movies. Then it was time to¬† get ready for the evening festivities. Zack and I decided to go as a scary couple this year. He was Lucifer and I was his dark angel. What a fun night we had ‚Äď but angel wings can be quite difficult to wear in a crowded bar!

Very Scary!!!! (Yes I am wearing a pleather dress)

On Sunday, we went to Zack’s parents for a chili cook off contest.  I made a yummy white chili (which was actually a really healthy recipe), but unfortunately did not win the contest. There is always next year!

Like my hat?

This morning I had to say bye to Zack, which totally sucks. I won’t see him until Christmas, but I am praying the time goes by fast. I have a ton of fun things planned between now and then (stay tuned for more details on those), so it should help pass the time. Long distance relationships are no fun at all, but I know it won’t stay this way forever.

 Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween! BOO!


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