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Back on the Road! + 4th of July Weekend

7 Jul

This morning, I did my first run outside in 2.5 weeks! I think that is the longest outdoor break I have taken in at least a year. And it felt great to be back outside on the road.

As I said in my last post, I am currently treating some foot and hip pain. I ran 3 times on the treadmill last week, at 2 miles each time. I have been making sure to run at an easy pace and not push myself too hard. Seeing that I am not in training mode right now, pushing myself hard is just asking for further injury.

Just like my treadmill runs, I took today’s run very slow and conservative (in terms of my running pace). Instead of panicking when I saw a 10:21 mile pop up on my Garmin, I embraced it. It was so awesome to just run an easy pace and relax. A couple miles in, I could feel some foot and hip pain, but it was nothing significant. I hope to continue to do these types of runs over the next couple weeks before I have to pick it up for training mode.

I am trying to not get too discouraged about my current state, but I will admit that it can be hard to see friends running some awesome miles when I know that I shouldn’t be doing that right now. Even my husband has been making me jealous with this great runs lately! But I just have to remind myself that I am doing what is best for me and it will pay off soon when I am stronger than ever!

Moving on.

The 4th of July weekend was amazing! We were supposed to venture up to Iowa this weekend, however a last minute work project for Ramsey and a flood in the area canceled our plans. It was sad to miss out on the fun up there, but we decided it would be best to make the most out of our time at home.

I decorated.

I decorated.

Thursday evening we went to a winery and watched some amazing fireworks! And even better – we got to drink wine while watching them. Not much better than that!!

My patriotic outfit.

My patriotic outfit.

Wining at the winery.

Wining at the winery.

Friday we went to the pool, had some yummy drinks and food, then headed out to my favorite spot on the 4th – Lake Tapawingo. It was so fun as usual. It is crazy to think I have been going there my entire life!

Grapefruit margs.

Grapefruit margs.



Saturday and Sunday were spent cleaning, reading (Dark Places by Gillian Flynn), hanging out with friends, and spending time out in the city. I won’t bore you with every detail…however one thing that has been bothering me is the fact that for the THIRD time in just a few months I had a teacher no-show for my fitness class. To me, that is unacceptable. How would you handle that? Complain? Or get over it (until it inevitably happens again)?

Sporting KC game.

Sporting KC game.

SO hot but at least we had drumsticks.

SO hot but at least we had drumsticks.

He wants to be on the team.

He wants to be on the team.

How was your 4th?

Any tips for keeping myself in check while coming back from this injury?


Marvelous Mondays – January 28th 2013

28 Jan

Happy MONDAY!!!

Did you have a good weekend? I sure did! DEG company party, long run, dinner with cousins, super workout Sunday, and meal planning made my weekend awesome.

This week I have a few things to be excited about. Here we go!

Overnight Oats

I did my first experiment with overnight oats last night. I did layers of plain greek yogurt, oats, bananas and strawberries, then poured almond milk and chia seeds on top.

Before and After.

Before and After.

I was a little nervous to try it this AM, but was pleasantly surprised by how yummy they were. I can’t wait to change up the combo tomorrow and try something else new! I hope to figure out a couple different recipes and post them here.

8 Minute Abs

Yesterday I started doing 8 Minute Abs again. I am going to Florida in a couple weeks, and need my stomach to be ready!

I have been doing the 8 Minute Abs workout for years. Seriously…my BFF Nicole and I used to do this workout from a VHS tape. And I totally had a 6 pack (I was also 15 years old and weighed 98 pounds..of course I had a 6 pack).

I am obsessed with the 90's people in the videos.

I am obsessed with the 90’s people in the videos.

I will try to post progress pics the next few weeks of the abs. Please disregard the tired face.

Cousins Dinner

I am still randomly giggling over dinner with my cousins on Saturday night.

We went to Ponaks, which I believe to be the best Mexican in KC, MO. And most awesome of all during the dinner?? My cousin Erica let me put on her engagement ring!!!! OMG I am obsessed!!!!

Soooo pretty!

Soooo pretty!


What are you looking forward to this week?

And what super fun things did you do last weekend?



Marvelous Mondays – January 21st

21 Jan

Hello again! I can’t believe this is the second post of Monday! Boy am I productive!

It has been a LONG time since I did a Marvelous Monday post, and I really miss them.

For my new readers – Marvelous Monday posts are just simple little posts where I talk about things that will make my week great. It is also my way of duping myself into being excited for the long week ahead until the weekend hits!

Here we go!

I got a frother.

photo 3

I am obsessed with my frother I purchased this weekend from Bed Bath and Beyond. Now with my awesome frother, I can make awesome lattes!

I am wearing red pants.

photo 2

I got these red pants a few months ago from Gap Outlet. I never really knew how to wear them, but I think I mastered the look today.

I will mention that it is only 20 degrees outside and my feet are freezing. This outfit might be a little better for the spring, but it is still cute.

The Bachelor is on tonight.

photo 1

I am always a HUGE fan of The Bachelor, and have been watching every season since it began. I have a group that gets together each week and we watch it together!

This year to make things even more fun, I entered a Bachelor confidence pool. It is basically fantasy football for the Bachelor!!!

The DEG Holiday Party is this weekend!

My company does their holiday party in January each year, pretty much because everyone here is too busy during the actual holidays.

This year, the theme is Speak Easy. And I got an awesome dress to wear! It was on sale at White House Black Market!


And for the first time in 3 years, I will have a date at the party!!! Woohoo!!!


Well, this sums up my week! Anything you want to share about what will make your week great??



P.S. If you like all these photos above, you should follow me on Instagram! I post tons of pics there that never make it to the blog or facebook 🙂 http://instagram.com/alihat/

Marvelous Mondays – March 12, 2012

12 Mar

Happy Monday!!!

As always, this week has a lot to look forward to….here goes….

The Bachelor

You guessed it…the first thing I am looking forward to this week is the Bachelor Finale.

As I already stated in a previous post, Ben will pick Courtney tonight. No, I do not read spoilers, but I am good at reading dumbass men.

And I cannot wait for the “After the Final Rose”, where Chris Harrison drills these two on what exactly went wrong during their 3 week courtship. This is sure to be the “Most Dramatic Season Finale Yet”!


"I am a tool" "I am a snarky B"


I have SO many things I want to blog about this week, and I cannot wait to share them all with you!!

My running has been going really well lately, and I am excited to fill you all in on my upcoming races. There are quite a few on the list…


Two of my dear friends are celebrating a Birthday this weekend, and I am so excited to join in on the fun with them!

After my crazy St. Patrick’s Day Race day last Saturday…I feel another St. Patrick’s Day celebration coming on!! Hope you’re ready Kara and Lindsey!!!!


The fact that I slept at least 16 hours yesterday is making my Monday mighty marvelous. I cannot remember the last time I felt this well rested.

I love to sleep.

So what is going on this week in your life? Please share!!



Marvelous Mondays – February 27th

27 Feb

Welcome back to Marvelous Mondays! I am so happy to be on track with the blog, and get back to my regular writing.

This is going to be a great week, and there is a lot to look forward to.

Back in the GROOVE

After a getaway to Santa Fe, and an extremely busy week at work, I am happy to be back in the groove!

The groove I am back in includes a lot of things. Running, eating, blogging, reading, working.

I hate it when my groove is out-a-whack.

New Shoes

If you have been reading the blog, you know I LOVE shoes. Well this week I will be running in my brand new Brooks PureFlow shoes.

The PureFlow is a minimalist shoe, and I have been dying to try them.

If you have any tips for me to transition into the minimalist shoe, please send them my way. I ran 4 miles in them yesterday and I am afraid that over did it a bit…

Party Time

I was asked by my best friend Nicole to be the Maid of Honor in her wedding.

This title means so much to me, and I cannot wait until I stand next to Nicole when she says “I Do”.

But before the “I Do”, we have to party. And the partying starts this weekend with her Bridal Shower! A lot of our friends will be in town for the event, and I am so looking forward to seeing everyone!!

What are you looking forward to this week?



Marvelous Mondays – February 6th

6 Feb

Great news to all my readers. Ali is back to her happy self!

I finally shook my mood from the past couple weeks and I am feeling normal again. Cheers to that!

Now let’s get excited about the week, shall we?

Nicole’s Birthday

Obviously today is marvelous because it is my best friends birthday!

Throwback pic from 2003! We were WAY too tan for February.....

Happy 26th Birthday, Nicole!!! I love you and cannot wait to be your maid of honor in 4 months!

Foggy Run

I had a stellar run this morning in the fog!

No, this isn't really from this morning, but it is such a cool pic!

It was a bit scary because it was super dark and super foggy, but I felt great and ran a good pace. Isn’t a great run the best way to start off your day? I think so!

Chocolate Ale

People in Kansas City have been crazy obsessed with this seasonal beer made by Boulevard Brewery. It is called “Chocolate Ale”.

After bar hopping with my friend Kim this weekend, we can now contribute to conversations about Chocolate Ale. It tasted like beer, with chocolate in it!

You would NOT want a glass bigger than this.

Sweet Baby Time

Yesterday I attended my first “play date”. My boyfriend Zack’s sister has two of the sweetest little babies, and they had a little date setup to play with their cousin Gia. I invited myself and tagged along!

I love these girls so much and see them every chance I get! Being Aunt Awi is the best thing ever.

Bridget drinks lots of water just like Awi!

Ummm, for real....look at that sweet face!!!!

So what are you looking forward to this week? Or did something great already happen that you would like to share?

Wishing everyone a happy, positive, upbeat week ahead!



Marvelous Mondays – January 30th

30 Jan

Dun Dun Dun….it’s Monday my friends. And it is a new week ahead to look forward to.

Last week was not the happiest week ever, but this week MUST be better. I get very mad at myself when I don’t practice what I preach on staying positive. And last week I certainly did NOT practice my positive preaching.

This week, I WILL be positive. I WILL be happy, and I WILL be thankful. Got that? Ok, good. Now let’s get started and talk about the week ahead.

The Bachelor

Oh The Bachelor. You are the highlight of my week (is that sad?). I cannot wait to see what shennanigins you have in store for us tonight, and how drunk the women will get.

I also cannot wait to see if it is possible for the “model” Courtney to be a bigger B word.

“Oh, I was just there two months ago…”

“I can reach higher than everyone else”

And Courtney, please stop quoting Charlie Sheen by constantly saying “Winning!” Do you realize that by quoting Mr. Sheen in a serious manner, you are not in fact “winning”?

New Phone

I finally got a new iPhone!!! And I’m totally obsessed with her. She is white, and beautiful.

After 3 years, it was time for an upgrade. Welcome home sweetie!


I get to host a giveaway this week on the blog!!

If you follow my tweets, you might have an idea as to what I am giving away. I will tell you this, it is pretty dang fabulous!

I think that wraps up the week ahead. I know it will be a busy one, but that will hopefully mean it flies on by.

What are you looking forward to this week?


Marvelous Mondays – January 23rd

23 Jan

Wow, I cannot believe that it is Monday again, and time for another weekly post.

I will admit that I have been mighty grouchy today…so I am hoping that this post boosts my mood. Nothing serious going on, just letting things annoy me that I can usually brush off. I also think my ugly nail polish is bringing me down – it looked so pretty in the bottle!

So here we go…let’s see how I well I can write a marvelous post while feeling quite un-marvelous.

The Killer 1,000

This week at boot camp, we will be doing something called the Killer 1,000. I have NO clue what this workout entails, but apparently it is quite the killer. I am hydrating like a mo-fo to prepare for this thing, because the last thing I want is to crash due to inadequate hydration.


I created a board on my Pinterest that is titled “Things I’ve Tried”.

The point of this board is to give reviews on the Pinterst projects that I have actually tried. There are so many great ideas and recipes on Pinterst, but I wanted to share my views and opinions on them so others know if it’s worth doing as well! I think everyone should do this…

*You should follow me, then I can follow you!

Running Groove

My running groove is back, and that is making me happy!

My accountability partners and I are back on a schedule of meeting 3 times a week for a morning run. Our mileage has been averaging 5-6 miles per run, and pace hasn’t been discussed (which makes it relaxing!)

Being back with the girls starts my day off the right way. And also serves as a 3/week therapy session.

Guest Blog Post

This week I will be featuring my first guest blogger! I love the idea of doing guest blogs, and I think this one will interest and help a lot of people.

Just a hint, the content goes perfectly with my blog name!

Girls Night

To finish off the week, my Mom will be hosting a girls night at her house.

Wine and appetizers will be served, and I am quite excited to try out another Pinterest recipe.If you have one I should try, please send it my way!

Have you caught on to my obsession with Pinterest?


What does your week have in store? Exciting workouts or time with friends/family? Please share!!

(and I totally feel better already after writing this 🙂 )



Marvelous Mondays – January 16th

16 Jan

Wow, I cannot believe it is Monday again! It feels like I was just sitting here writing my first Marvelous Monday post!

So let’s get to it. There are some pretty exciting things going on this week, and I am mighty excited to share them with you!

The Bachelor

What shenanigans will slut-tastic Blakely and full-of-herself Courtney be up to this week?

How do they not get cold sores or Mono on this show?

"How did that taste coming out of your mouth?"

Last week was pretty great, but I will admit that I was sad to see cry baby Jenna go home. She definitely added some entertainment to the already insane show.

Pinterest Baking Project

Saturday night I made a recipe I found on Pinterest, and it was amazing. I cannot wait to share my S’mores cookies with the Bachelor girl crew tonight!


New Clothes

I went shopping this weekend, and got a few new outfits!

They were having incredible deals this weekend, and the best deal of all were jeans I got from the Gap. I scored three pairs of $21! Yes, $21 total! Oh emmmm geee!

I also got this fun sweater and shirt from Limited!

Like the cameo from the Baby Karly?

Happy Nails

If these nails don’t scream, “I’m happy!”, I don’t know what does!


Tonight I will be receiving a “fit kit” from Arbonne.

I have always been a fan of Arbonne skin products, but have not ever tried the diet/health products.

Look out for the review in the next few weeks! And please let me know if you have tried any of these products. I would love to chat about them and get your tips and tricks!

Fashion Friday’s – Budget Edition

I was so pleased by everyone’s positive feedback of Fashion Fridays last week, and I am really looking forward to the review I have planned this week. This week will be a much more budget-friendly review, perfect for our New Year’s money saving resolutions!

DEG Holiday Party

My company Holiday party is this Friday, and it is going to be great one! And P.S., if you are looking for a great place to work, click here and tell them Ali sent you!

Twitter Road Race

My Twitter pal Doug, @seedouglasrun, had a genius idea to hold a virtual Twitter road race! The race is this Saturday and will be a 5K. I am excited to run the virtual race with Stacy and Diana on Saturday!

I would suggest that you sign up to run the race as well! Twitter Road Race.

What do you have planned for this week?

I always love seeing your feedback and comments, so make me smile and give my comments section some lovin’!



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