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My Love, Arbonne

6 Feb

I often post about my love of Arbonne on this blog. I have used a ton of Arbonne products. Skin care, nutrition, vitamins – I have tried it. And I have loved it.

Recently, I decided to become an Arbonne Consultant. With my consultant status, I can order the products myself whenever I want, and can have people order through me whenever they want! It is basically a win-win.

Below I have put together a little snapshot of my favorite Arbonne products, along with a brief description (ok, not so brief but I love this stuff so much that I could talk about it all day). As I said earlier, I have tried a ton, but wanted to narrow down my can’t-live-without products for you.

Skin Care

2-6-2013 11-39-38 AM

1. RE9 Advanced Set
I am a skincare junkie, and semi obsessed with stopping the aging process. Sure, I am only in my 20’s BUT from the research I have completed, your 20’s is when you should really start with the anti aging measures.

The RE9 set includes an anti aging serum, eye cream, facial lotion, night cream, toner and face wash. I use all of the items in the set, and love them all. I used to always use a harsh toner for acne prevention, but found that this toner does the trick and actually moisturizes my skin. The eye cream is like heaven, night cream smells amaze and face lotion has been stolen by my boyfriend numerous times (I had to buy him his own!). All items in the set are must haves, but if you want to start small I would suggest the eye cream and face lotion. You can’t go wrong with those.

2. Cellular Renewal Mask
This stuff rocks. I love the way it tingles when you put it on and gives you the feeling that you can feel it working. This product is there to smooth out fine lines, reduce pours and remove age spots (pours and age spots are my top priority).

3. Exfoliating New Cell Scrub
I have always been a big fan of face scrubs. My cheap version I prefer is the St. Ives apricot, but my splurge version is this one. I use this scrub every morning in the shower with my clarisonic brush. I love the way my skin feels afterwards. This is another item that I have had to purchase for my boyfriend.

4. Revelage Intensive Pro-Brightening Night Serum
Above I mention the removal of age spots as a top priority. Well, let’s get real. My age spots are actually acne scars. I literally have a spot on my face for every zit I’ve had.

I started using this product three weeks ago, and can already feel a difference with my skin. My skin feels SO soft and smooth right now, and I love it! The only thing I can attribute this change to is the addition of this product in my daily routine. I really should’ve taken some before/after photos to document the reduction of spots, but please take my word for it – I can see some lightening of my skin occurring. I look forward to the next few months and monitoring the process of acne spot removal.

5. Revelage Concentrated Age Spot Minimizer
This product is the sister to the product above. I use this in the morning and apply small amounts to the spots I am most concerned by.

6. BefoRE Sun Lip Saver SPF 30
Basically, this is just a really good lip balm that has SPF. Great for everyday wear, especially before heading outside for a run. People ofter forget to apply SPF to their lips, but this product will ensure you get moisture and protection.

7. Aromassentials Awaken Sea Salt Scrub
This was my first ever Arbonne product I got YEARS ago! I LOVE this stuff. My hands feel baby soft after I use it, and it smells amazing. You can use it on your entire body, or just keep it next to your sink and use it daily when you wash your hands. It is the perfect product for the dry winter months.


It probably sounds like I use too many products and I am overly obsessed with skincare. Well, it might be true, BUT I know my regimen is working. Recently I went to the dermatologist and had a skin consult performed. In this consult they score your skin and compare it to other people your age. My results came up with wrinkles in the 90th percentile, pore size in the 97th percentile, and age spots in the 80th percentile. I know my plan is working, and I will continue using these items every single day.

Now let’s move on…

Health and Body

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I didn’t try the health line until last year. My first experience was posted on the blog (see review here), and since that post I have been hooked on the Arbonne Fit Essentials line.

1. Fit Chews
If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you know that I am trying to cut the sugar. The Fit Chews are the perfect way for me to indulge in a sweet after lunch and in the afternoon at work, and not totally blow my no sugar plan. The fit chews come in 3 flavors – chocolate, caramel and lemon. I have only tried chocolate and lemon, but I hear the caramel is great too. I eat at least 2 Fit Chews a day and see them as my no sugar saving grace.

2. Protein Shake Mix
I have tried lots of protein in my day, and this is BY FAR the BEST. When I drink this, it is like a treat. Sometimes I shake it in my shaker (see item 6) with almond milk or water, and sometimes I mix it up with my smoothies. Either way, it tastes great. And with 20g of protein and 160 calories per serving, it is a great meal replacement (I drink it for breakfast). Another tip is only using one scoop with almond milk when I need a quick snack, but not an entire meal (10g protein, around 100 calories).

The protein is 100% vegan, and with the bad press on whey and soy protein, this is all I will drink. If you are interested in trying the fit line, try this product. It might seem expensive compared to other products out there, but it is actually very comparable to other high end proteins (specifically another vegan protein powder).

3. Protein Shake
This is the pre made version of the powder above. It is less than 200 calories, and still packs in 20g of vegan protein. Perfect for an on the go meal when you’re in a hurry. I actually keep a few at work for emergencies.

4. Herbal Detox Tea
I never liked tea until I drank this stuff. The flavor is light, but still packs an awesome taste. It is caffeine free, therefore you can have a cup at night. This tea is supposed to help detox your liver and kidneys…which I need sometimes due to my love of wine. I always have a box at home and a box at work.

5. Nutrition Bar
The perfect on-the-go snack or pre-workout snack. This bar packs in 9g of vegan protein, and is under 200 calories. An awesome tasty treat.

6. Shaker
This shaker is the perfect size for my protein shakes. I have other shakers, but they are just too big for the amount I drink. This shaker is small and holds my shakes perfectly. It is also cheaper than my other version – only $7 (if you pay full price)!


Now that I have shared all my favorites, I will tell you how to try these products too.

1. Go to the Arbonne Website: https://www.arbonne.com/international.asp

2. Select ‘Join Arbonne’: https://www.arbonne.com/registration/registrationMain.asp

There are three different options you can use to purchase items.

  1. Pay full price as a Client
  2. Sign up to be a Preferred Client for a one time (per year) $20 fee, and receive 20% off for the year
  3. Sign up to be an Independent Consultant for a one time (per year) $79 fee, and receive 35% off for the year

If you are trying out Arbonne for the first time, look into option 1 or 2. Depending on how much you purchase, option 2 could end up paying for itself on your first purchase. Option 3 is best if you’re an Arbonne lover and know it will pay you back within the year. It is also good if you are interested in building a business as a consultant. I chose 3 because I use so many products, and now I can hook my friends up with the products too.

3. Next up, enter my sponsor ID: 12837771

4. Enter the requested information and verify

5. Add or ignore the product pop up prompts, and get to shopping

6. Proceed to checkout (be sure to check the bottom of the page to see if you qualify for free items!!!!)

7. Receive and enjoy!!!

If you don’t like it, you have 45 days to return for a full refund. Policy here.


If you have any questions about products, let me know (mileswithstyle@gmail.com). I love to talk about these products because I believe in them. It is important to know that I was not given anything in this post for free, or am being paid for this post. I am writing it because I love the products and want to share them with you.



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