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What’s Your STYLE?

2 Jul

A few weeks ago, my running buddy (and amazing friend) Stacy surprised me with Miles with Style shirts. Stacy had an idea for the blog, and I loved it.

Stacy wanted to spread the word of my blog, and thought these shirts would be a great way to do so. As I had mentioned in a previous post, I received 35 Miles with Style shirts (holy cow!!!), and I have been waiting to pass them out. Well…it is now time to begin distribution. And I am excited to share my plan of action for this project.

Stacy’s idea for the shirts was for people to share their “style”. Their style could be anything from motivation, to running skirts. From happiness, to the color pink. Your “style” would be whatever you wanted it to be.

Stacy then presented me with the idea of using these shirts in a Pay it Forward way. She urged me to look to people who had a style I admired, send them a shirt, and then present them with an additional shirt to pass on to another person whom they admire. I loved this idea.

I will be sending my first 4 shirts out this week, with special notes to the recipients as to why they are receiving the fun shirts. I will also have a blog post this week with why I decided to send the shirts to these lucky recipients (so stay tuned….).

So….what is MY style??

After a month of pondering what my style would be, I have finally decided.

My style is INSPIRATION.

Since I began this blog, I have had so many people reach out to me through Twitter, Facebook, text, phone calls, etc. letting me know that I have inspired them to start running, or try to run longer than they thought they could. And every time I hear this, I feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

I want to inspire others to do something they didn’t think was possible. I want to inspire others to push themselves to a limit that had never done before. And I ultimately want to inspire people to feel better about themselves all around.

My hope for this blog is to be an inspiration to others. If I can do it, and push myself to new limits – so can YOU.

I look forward to spreading the word with my shirts, and passing them along to others.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, and especially to Stacy for coming up with this idea and making it possible.



P.S. Now that you know my style, what is YOUR style?!

A Marathon Pre-Party

17 May

Last night, Stacy held a little marathon pre-party for Diana and I.

The party was to include dinner, dessert and some motivational speeches. The attendees were Stacy, Diana and my Mom.

My contribution was super yummy cupcakes!!

When Diana walked through the door, I about died.


See that hanging out of her backpack? Yep, it is a pacer stick for me. She actually used a bamboo stick and constructed this lovely thing. Only problem was that the stick says 3:43…apparently she missed the memo that our goal time is actually a 3:42!!

Following an awesome dinner, it was time for gifts. Obviously the best part of the evening.

I gave Stacy and Diana gift cards to beauty brands for post-race pedis. And Diana gave Coach Stacy (she has coached us basically the past year) new sandals, which will look awesome with her pedicure!

Then it was Stacy’s turn…

After reading the sweetest letter to Diana and I (the tears were flowing), she brought out some gifts.

In the gift was a copy of the super sweet letter, which included some pretty awesome quotes,

a pace band for our race,

Get yours at races2remember.com

some seriously kick ass socks that I have been wishing for,

These totally have a double meaning.

and most excitingly, custom made Miles with Style shirts!!!!!!!

“We put the RUN in Runway”
“No Limits, No Regrets, That’s my STYLE”

These shirts are freaking amazing. I was in shock!!! I had NO idea that Stacy, my Mom, and my Aunt Holly had been working on these things. They are exactly what I would have had made, should I had been making myself.

After putting on the shirt and modeling for the group, I got another surprise…..

It was better than Christmas!!!

See all of those shirts?? In total, 35 shirts were made. The shirts have a specific point, which was explained to me. And I love it so much. There will be much more to come with what the plan is for these beauties. So please stay tuned. Perhaps you will receive one someday very soon 🙂

All in all, it was the perfect evening. And just what we needed to lift up our spirits and give us a little boost.

Supporting us through everything we do!

Can you spy my new Lululemon skirt?!? I LOVE IT!

I am so fortunate to have these people in my life. Everyday isn’t easy, but with the help of my family and friends I make it through. Thank you to everyone who loves me, supports me and encourages me. It means more than you even know.




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