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Boston Marathon Training – Week 3

4 Feb

Holy cow, we are already done with 3 weeks of training! WOOHOO and a big *happy dance*!

This week it doesn’t look like my mileage was that awesome, but I did get in some good cross training.

  • 27 miles
  • 06:40 time
  • 2999 calories
  • 8 workouts

During this week. I completed 2 spin workouts, 1 body pump class, and 1 CX works (core) class. I also busted out a mile on the stairmaster.

I ate SUPER healthy too!!

I ate SUPER healthy too!!

Hard runs included hills on Tuesday, where my legs were so sore from the Monday spin/run workouts that I basically had to waddle my way up. At the end, I was nearly crawling. But since this training is low key and no stress, I didn’t even freak out like I normally would over a bad workout in training! I am really loving this approach.

Thursday morning we decided that a treadmill run was necessary since it was negative 20 (exxageration) outside and I am not tough. Stacy, Diana and I got on mills next to one another and did 6 sets of tempo with a 1 minute off. Mine looked like this:

  • 2 mins hard, one min easy
  • 2.5 mins hard, one min easy
  • 2 mins hard, one min easy
  • 2.5 mins hard, one min easy
  • 2 mins hard, one min easy
  • 3 mins hard, and cooldown

Total milege was a tad over 5, at an 8:35 pace (my tempo pace was low 7’s). Then I jumped on the stairmaster for further torture.

Following the treadmill torture.

Following the treadmill torture.

Saturday morning we did a 10 mile long run (9:11 pace), which was pretty hard. I have got to stop partying like a rock star the night before long runs. Especially this week, seeing that we have 16 miles on the schedule.

Enjoy some more pics from the week below. All can be found on Instagram, where you can follow me for all sorts of fun updates! http://instagram.com/alihat

A super delicious drink I had called "Shoot the Runner"

A super delicious drink I had called “Shoot the Runner”

Wedding fun (after a gazillion drinks).

Wedding fun (after a gazillion drinks).

We had our own SuperBowl party, where commercial breaks were used for 8 minute abs.

We had our own SuperBowl party, where commercial breaks were used for 8 minute abs.



New Workout Adventures

30 Jan

Since I ran the Dallas Marathon last month, I joined a gym and have been trying out new workouts.

I LOVE trying new things when it comes to working out. I have always thought that changing things up gives your body an extra boost and really helps you see results. It also helps you from getting burnt out mentally on just one sport (i.e. only running).

My new workout adventures include three things.

First up, Spinning.

I have always wanted to try spin. I thought it looked fun, and really hard.


I try to do spin 2 times a week, and have been loving it. The classes are fun, and the music is super motivational. I also love that we do it in the dark at my gym!

I have heard that Spin is really good for your fast twitch muscles. I am really interested to see if this proves true when I do my next speed workout.

Next stop, Stairmaster.

Holy crap, this thing is so hard.


I sweat down to my fingers when I am on this thing. I really like to add this on to the end of my workouts or after I run. Sometimes I make it past 20 minutes, other times I manage 10.

But at all times, I am basically hanging on for dear life while sweat drips off my body.

I try to do at least 2 days on the stairmaster a week.

Lastly among the new workouts, Body Pump.


Body Pump has become my favorite workout of all of the new ones I have tried. I LOVE how strong Body Pump makes me feel. And I mostly love how much of a difference I can already see.

My arms are more toned, and my booty seems to have an extra umph to it!


I try to make it to Body Pump 3 days a week. I ran my fastest half marathon when I was doing weight training, and I think it could really help me with my upcoming races.

I have also really loved doing all these new workouts with my good friend Kara! It has been so much fun to start our mornings together!


Do you have any new workouts you love? Or have you tried any that I am doing?



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