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Ya-ssooo FAST!

15 Nov

(Get it? Ya-ssooo = Yasso = You’re so? Haha)

Good afternoon! How is your day going? Mine is just great, but my legs are killin’ me! Why? Because I ran my little booty off this morning in 800’s.

Stacy informed me last night that we would be doing TEN 800’s this morning. To top off the craziness of doing TEN 800’s, we would be doing them fast (3:25 pace). I had heard of Yasso 800’s from my Dad. He used them for his marathon training a few years ago. I thought they sounded pretty awful, and was thankful that I wouldn’t ever be doing them. Well, I was wrong.

So how did we do?

Well, even though the¬†800’s were¬†super hard, we did awesome. Stacy and I rocked these things, only one over a 3:30, and the majority were under a 3:25 pace.

So, all you marathon, running guru’s/experts out there: Does this mean we can run a 3:25 marathon time as the Yasso strategy states we should be able to?!

Hope your day is great as well!


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